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Help needed with loading doses please

Hello, I have decided to take matters into my own hands and administer my own B12 injections. My levels are 'borderline' at 215 so GP not interested.

I have been taking SL Methylcobalamin without any improvements in symptoms unfortunately so I'm really keeping everything crossed that the injections will improve things.

I have ampoules containing 100 ug in 2mls (hydroxy) and would prefer to inject them subcutaneously rather than IM (wimp)

Is it ok to inject 2 mls S/C in one go or should I inject 1ml in two different sites?

Should I aim to do some loading doses initially and if so, what frequency should I aim for?

Thanks so much, any advice very much appreciated :)

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Check if ampoules are 100 or 1000 micrograms. They should be 1000. If you have neuro symptoms guidelines are alternate days until no further improvement. Be careful if you have anaemia as potassium can get low so get checked or eat loads of bananas!

If you keep symptom diary it will help decide how long before going to maintenance treatment.

Only used 1ml injections im myself so don't know how 2mls works out subcut.


Thanks so much Secondchance - my mistake, it is 1000 ug.

I don't have anemia (my Hb is 14) although my Ferratin is low. Will keep an eye on my Potassium intake though :)


Just want to wish you all the best! I started self-injecting more than a year ago,and was VERY nervous. It's second-nature now,and doesn't bother me one iota. I do sub-cutaneous also into my thighs (Middle outer third) I also have 1mg in 2mls I use a 23Gx 1" needle.But you could probably use a shorter one.The B12 still gets to where it should, just takes a bit longer. Don't forget to use an alcohol swab, and preferably a yellow disposer box(Amazon I think) Also make sur you get B9(folate) as B12 heeds it to work properly. So either take a supplement or make sure you eat leafy green vgs/peas. Lots of luck to you. You are doing the right thing! I have improved no end,and now my feet are not numb!


I have had 2 loading doses. The first in 2010 the second in 2014. The first I had 8 injections in a 2 week period, the second I had 9 but I was very ill when I had this and it was part of the treatment which also included 8 vitamin infusions (yellow drips) and enough vitamin pills too sink a ship (between 8 and 10 pills 4 times a day). I get all my syringes, swabs etc from medisave. They have an excellent choice of sizes of syringes and are very well priced. With my sharps box, I bought my first from medisave, when it needed changing my gp took my old one and gave me a prescription for a replacement. As I don't pay for my prescriptions this was free.

Hope you find this helpful and good luck.



Thank you so much Wedgewood and Penni and so glad that you have noticed an improvement Wedgewood :)

Thats a good point re sharps boxes, I'm happy to get them on Amazon but how does everyone dispose of them once they are full? I'm not sure if I am going to 'fess' up to my GP yet about self-injecting so not sure the surgery would be happy to take them.

Do pharmacies take them in on a 'no questions asked' basis? I'm in the UK?


I'd like to know this too - I have 2 full ones.


I think I might start a new thread then Hillwoman :) see if we can get some answers x


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