Feeling lousy again


Since my GP stopped my treatment I have been self injecting twice a week for over two years. I have been feeling loads better up until the past couple of weeks. I'm feeling exhausted, tearful and my hands, feet and face are tingling most of the time. I've also started waking up in the night where the pins and needles in my arms are so bad.

Has anyone else suffered a relapse of symptoms after a couple of years. Any suggestions as to what might help


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  • Have you started a new batch, by any chance?

    If not then its probably time for a blood test.

  • Hi

    Thanks for your reply. I've given up on the GP and blood tests as it was requesting another blood test that got my treatment stopped. I'm halfway through a box of 100 ampules.

    I might try injecting 3 times a week.

  • I can only think that you might need more injections , and wondering if you are getting enough folate (vitamin b9) Also you might need more potassium ( bananas) vitamin D with K

  • Hi Wedgewood

    I'm thinking of increasing my jabs to 3 a week

    I take folate as well. Just heading back to work as my lunch break is almost finished.

    I'm really struggling in the afternoons

  • If it goes well for a long time and then suddenly not, there is usually something else going on. Are your levels of folate, ferritin (iron), other Bvitamins, vit D good, thyroid? These are the 'usual suspects' when symptoms worsen and enough B12 comes in. Might be worth having those checked out. Did you change the B12 or stayed on the same brand?

  • I'm still on the same brand. I could go back to my GP for further tests, but have been told it's all I'm my head so gave up on the doctors about 2 years ago and haven't been back since. I do a very stressful job and worry if I just get a mental health diagnosis instead

    I take folic acid, vitamin d, cod liver oil and calcium tablets.Everything always came back fine with blood tests except b12 that was 114 but as soon as it raised to 500 my GP stopped teatment

  • Might be worth a try to get at least a couple things ruled out like thyroid or iron (lots of people with PA have low iron or ythyroid problems) You could just go in and say you've been feeling unwell for some weeks, explain symptoms, and see if the doc does anything, and if not, suggest something to do ;) If it's just been the past couple of weeks, it might of course also 'just' be a virus or something but I would go in and get checked out.

  • I'll try and get booked in sometime next week if I can get an appointment. My experience of doctors has been so bad over the past few years that I try and avoid going

    I'll try increasing my injections too

    Thanks for your help etc

  • You could do private tests via Blue Horizon.

    I notice you don't supplement magnesium. That's a common deficiency, and only shows up in blood tests when you are nearly dead!

    I have been self treating with natural thyroid for fifteen years. I do tell my doctor because they need to know, but I refuse to stop. Most have been reasonably helpful. I am down as awkward, but not nuts, despite a history of depression until I left my husband.

    Can you change your doctor?

  • Hi Ruthi

    I've tried a private doctor and changed surgery. I've had the same response from all of them which is that they refuse to over ride my previous GP. I've taken in leaflets from pas, argued, begged. Been reduced to tears. None of it made any difference

    I'll look into the magnesium thing, and try visiting my GP again .

    Thanks for the advice

  • Definitely check for iron deficiency or even just low iron.

  • Hi

    Thanks for your reply. I'll ask when I see my GP.

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