Feeling like :(

Recently I've been feeling more tired then normal, I get up in the morning I feel ok but by 3-4pm I feel like I haven't slept for days & get a massive migraine :( yesterday it was so bad I ended up going to bed at 4pm for a 3 hour nap & woke up just as bad :( took my sumatriptan tablet which didn't even help me, I gotta wait another 2 weeks till the blood test (1st June) then another 4 days to see where my b12 levels are at I hate feeling like this , I've been eating loads of cereal as well as my normal lunch/dinner as it has b12/D/iron in the cereal & soya milk has b12/b6/D so getting a lot of vits but still feel like hell :(

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  • If you mean phosphatase level I had that checked 2 months ago & it was 56 iu/l [30-130]

  • I don't see anything saying that on my blood results

  • That's where I looked & only saw the serum alkaline phosphatase level that looked similar to what you asked & thought it was that , it has everything you just said exp phosphate,

    No I don't feel nauseated

  • d2f7pix2c73koy.cloudfront.n...

    That's the link to the photo of my blood results

    I don't know my vit D levels as I'm on vit D tablets for life,

  • Dietary sources may be enough if the deficiency was caused by a lack of vitamin D in the diet.

  • I know exactly how you feel as lately I've been feeling the same. It doesn't seem to matter how much sleep I get it is never enough. If I've got nothing on in the afternoon I can't seem to stop myself from falling asleep.

    I also find that stress can make it worse, is this the same for you?

  • I dunno what makes it worse but I've been stressed the past 2 weeks as my cat is seriously ill & might need to be put down :( , I've only been feeling more tired this past week , I sleep like 10-13 hours but always wake up like I haven't slept much, apparently I toss & turn so much when I sleep, & been more tachycardia recently even when sleeping

  • So sorry to hear about your cat. I never sleep right through the night anyway which doesn't help. I have found that when I'm stressed I feel tired all the time and no matter how much sleep I get it doesn't help. As I self inject I give myself an extra b12 shot which really does make a great difference.

  • I wear my Apple Watch when I sleep & use a app on it that tells me how restlessness I was during the night & my heart rate, I tend to sleep in as long as I can if I don't have anything to do during the day to try get enough sleep but that doesn't help either no matter how much sleep I get I still feel tired , quite a lot of the time I'm so tired that I just can feel like doing things etc :( all I wanna do is lay down, can't think straight etc when I'm soo tired

  • Yeah it does, one of the reasons I brought the Apple Watch so I could monitor my heart rate when I sleep & during the day after I had a blood clot as my resting heart rate is 88-97 but a lot of the times goes up to 102-116 when I'm just sitting watching to only have to get out of bed at times & it jumps to 124-134 , and going for a walk it goes up to 130-169 , I find it good as when I'm not feeling well I can check my heart rate and know when to go to the hospital etc & know when I've had a bad sleep, not bad that I can get calls & texts etc from it as well lol was well worth the money

  • All details of the watch are on the apple website :)

    I used to be on warfarin but only for 6 months , got the blood clot due to a long haul flight 3 years ago ,

  • The doctors will only prescribe beta blockers if the heart rate is over 130 all the time mines always 88-97 & only goes 100-116 about 3-5 times a day more if i have to go out shopping/job centre etc , they've told me if I walk more often then my heart rate won't go up high & I won't get too out of breath , I have asthma as well & since the blood clot my heart rate has got faster & my breathing got worse so had to get put on a extra inhaler,

  • I've been on vit D tablets for 2 years now I was told I was vit D deficiency I get my vit D tablets on prescription, they've never test my vit D levels since ,

    I've had heart scans, chest scan & lung function test & all came back normal even stayed in hospital for the chest scan, even had a 24 hour heart echo machine test but came back normal

  • I've had asthma since I was a baby ,

    All tests have been done all come back normal

  • My doctors are useless they usually just order bloods for things what they are looking for & not other stuff that could be wrong, plus they might thought that me being on vit D tablets there's no need to check the levels,

    No I'm not taking any vit b12 tablets have to wait till the blood test next month then they will decide if I need b12 tablets/injections or anything else

  • I'm not taking any b12 tablets so won't mess up the test I wait till the doctor decides after the test,

    I'm on 20mcg of vit D , also says iu 800 on the front of the box

  • Yeah that was loading doses 2 months ago but nothing since,

  • Vitamin D3 should always be taken with vitamin K2 to ensure that it goes to the bones and not the arteries or tissues.

    In all my research on Vitamin D3 or B12 I have never heard of vitamin D depleting B12? However, there are many pharmaceutical drugs that deplete B12 and make it harder for B12 injections or supplements to be completely effective.

  • Yes, asthma inhalers are on the list of medications that deplete B12 as well as prednisone, steroids given to asthmatics when particularly chesty and the usual inhalers aren't as effective.

  • Would the blood tests still show high levels of B12? I ask because my blood tests show high levels due to my injections but I get very tired by the afternoon- never had any symptoms of PA and was discovered accidentally some years ago when testing cos of other autoimmune minor problem

  • If you have had loading injections, then yes your readings would be quite high, it's how much B12 actually gets to the cells that is important. Your doctor shouldn't really be testing B12 after loading doses anyway, rather pointless! I'm not good at links, on my mobile anyway but there are some links about doctors not needing to retest B12, somewhere on here! Lol

  • If you take Vitamin D supplements they can deplete the body of vitamin B12 .

    Do you have a source for this as I've heard of hypervitaminosis-D lowering levels of B12.

  • I'm afraid that Internet fora aren't reputable unless they provide sources. Just on this forum I've read that B12 deficiencies can be fixed by many weird and wonderful means, from eating molasses to wearing special rocks.

  • Have you researched magnesium - for the headaches and for regular heart beats ? Most of us are low ....

    Also do remember that even if we eat fortified foods - it does not always mean we are absorbing them - as your results show :-)

    As your B12 is below range it is no wonder you are feeling unwell - take a look at the link below to view all the signs and symptoms of LOW B12. You do not need to have them ALL !!


    Scroll down to view ....

    Perhaps being vegan is behind some of your health issues ... and of course a goodly mixture of medications ....

  • Will look at that link, :)

  • OK :-)

  • I'm so sorry you're suffering so much. If it were me I would probably wait until after the blood test. Then I would start taking the sublingual. It certainly can't hurt anything. But you take the sublingual before the blood tests could create an issue for you. Take care.

  • Depends if you're body's absorbing the vitamins. Seems like low B12 levels, but if you're going to have blood test then don't take any B12 as it will show up much higher.( Wait until after blood test)

    Also here's some of the things that can make you feel like that if you're low on any one;


    Folic Acid


    Vitamin D

    You need to know if all these are at the top end of normal range.

    Any one of these if low can make you feel like you've said.

    Hope it helps.

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