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Immunology test results

Immunology test results

I would really appreciate it if someone can interpret these results for me.I was told by the nurse that they were "just fine"today.

My B12 was 174, 6 weeks ago.I just finished my 6th loading shot of B12 .I am so frustrated.She said "see you in 3-6 months,you don't have pernicious anemia after all you should be fine now,I know she's just the nurse but...(I will be interested to see if the doctor even calls me with these results),I lost it with her and the receptionist.

I later went back for a hard copy of my results.I didn't go to medical school,but I just finished Martyn Hoopers' book"pernicious Anemia the forgotten disease"(which is BRILLIANT) and I know enough now equipped with the wealth of knowledge in it.

also here's my original bloods.

Incidentally the doctor took that blood sample right after giving me my B12 shot .

exasperated ,but already planning to treat this myself.


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Hi Patricia,

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