In 2008, whilst living in Spain and being a full time carer for my very ill husband I became unwell. My mystery illness started with sore mouth/tongue, upset stomach/bowels, tinnitus, brain fog, palpitations, unsteadiness, extreme rash/irritation on soles of feet and weight loss to name a few of the symptoms. Six months later After endoscopy and other investigations i was diagnosed with B12 def. Had 3 injections at weekly intervals and was told 3 monthly thereafter. I then began a complete recovery and continued with the 3 monthly injections. At that time I had no knowledge of vitamin deficiencies but knew quite a lot about strokes and heart attacks!! I came back to live in the UK after my husband died and after a few unsatisfactory visits to my GP suddenly realised that the symptoms I was seeking help for were actually the same as before and realised I had not continued with the 3 monthly injections after all the trauma the move in 2012. I discussed this with the GP who ordered blood tests,

B12 in Sept. 455, in Dec 300. Had a lively discussion with the GP who refused to accept deficiency, this is when I got to know the PA Society and this health forum. I printed off PA notes for Clinicians and gave to the GP who subsequently called me in for further blood tests. The test for homocysteine was normal but was told I could have an injection! This I had on 10th Feb but no more allowed for 3 months. Am now totally confused and feel that a lot of my symptoms are returning. I spoke with Martyn who was very kind and supportive but I long to find a doctor that I can trust. Why does one have to battle with the medical profession in this country? I should add that I am now 76 and just hope and pray that this is not just old age setting in!!!

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  • Re :"Why does one have to battle with the medical profession in this country? ", I wish I knew, it all seems so absurd when it only involves just a vitamin, no known harm of to much, so much known harm if to liitle..

  • Unfortunately it doesn't just seem to be the UK - awareness seems to be poor in so many places.

    It is very difficult to understand given that it really isn't that rare a condition ... and the economics really don't make any sense at all. A few pounds to keep people healthy and able to take care of themselves versus the potentially £1000s providing care because they have become so ill.

  • I don't think it's your age, Beattie, and you have to watch for ageist behaviour from doctors. My B12 was 383 and I had a terrible fight with my doctor to get injections, but I got my loading doses and I now have monthly injections. They help tremendously, so you should persevere. Don't accept their judgment if you feel something is wrong. You have to be tenacious with them because they are all too quick to dismiss.

  • Thank you all for your supportive comments, it really helps to know it is not just me having a rant!! It is so sad to me to find cthat the attitude is so very different in this my home country, after living on the continent where I was always treated with courtesy and respect. Full marks to Martyn and everyone in the battle.

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