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Confirmed kidney mass

Hi guys I just wanted to let the PA society know that yesterday I was told by the great man they recommended that although my initial problems in my stomach were making me quite sick, they have found a substantial mass in my left kidney. I attend the Urology consultant on Tuesday to find out when they going to operate. Due to the quality of the staff they had already taken the matter to the MDT team!

Thank you so much PA team because every symptom I had had been put down to my existing conditions and if it weren't for you guys it may not have been found!

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I'm relieved to hear they are taking positive action - but feel they've taken an awful long time to do it.

I really wish these doctors would take such issues seriously from the outset rather than fending patients off with excuses.

I've been in contact with a doctor regarding my stomach issues - nothing has been done in over 3 years. This guy is going ape.

Someone else the other day described my previous doctors as 'quacks.' I think that sums it all up quite nicely.

Heaven only knows why all these doctors don't upgrade their skills and knowledge and look at both causation and effect in more detail - but they don't.

I hope you go on okay - weak words, I know - but I do mean it!


Thanks. Your right if PA hadn't given me the consultants details goodness knows what would have happened! The same thing happened with my thyroid. But this is more sinister than my thyroid. I see the urologist next Tuesday so I'll find out what they're doing properly.


Hi I hope all goes well with you.I wish you the very best of luck.keep in touch and let us know how you get on.



Thanks will do x


Might I ask what your symptoms were? I have had undiagnosed PA and it has destroyed my spinal column stomach erosion and now have blood in urine all year of 2014 (microscopic, of course). I have been so sick and always pee massive quantities and it is always more than I consume. Always told I am dehydrated? Flank pain and so many other symptoms...overall feeling of U wellness , malaise, fatigue and BUN and Creatine are out of range now. Please help me with any info you can offer.

BTW, I am so sorry for your recent ailments and diagnosis and have you in my thoughts and prayers.



I've had pretty much the same symptoms as you but for many years. I suffered from kidney stones and lots of kidney infection as long as eighteen years ago. Recently I've been very thirsty all the time and cystitis every month really. My gynae consultant was concerned because I don't really feel like I need to pee I just go every few hours in case. I drink about two and a half litres of water but don't seem to pee much.

My spine is also very painful and I have a disease where my cartilage turns to bone and fuses, it's called AS. So I just put the pain in my back down to that but I now have pain behind my bottom two ribs on my left side and it can get very intense quickly.

My B12 has stablised in my blood tests but when I was diagnosed it was very low indeed, 33. My GP said he didn't know how I was still alive!

I hope you get some treatment soon, are they doing anything about you passing blood? I believe that sometimes the mass in your kidney is not symptomatic but when I had kidney stones I passed a lot of blood not just microscopic amounts and tissue now it ranges from milky coloured to bright orange and smells awful.

but the bleeding I have had with the growth has been through my bowel and stomach and has been thick black and tar like.

I don't think the mass is anything to do with PA though


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