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Jaw pain

Hi to all,

I have suffered from B12 deficiency for almost 10 years now and do daily injections. I cannot go for more than a few days without supplementation. I had all the usual symptoms, but one that baffles me is pain in the muscles of my jaw and tremors of the jaw- similar to chattering teeth. It is terrible if my B12 is low. I have had tingling, numbness, stabbing pain in fingertips, weakness, memory fog and more but all have gotten much better with my injections. The jaw issues still linger. Anyone out there with weird or unusual things like this. Oh and by the way, my MD friends always try to pigeon hole me into the MS diagnosis, even after all this time. Makes me crazy. Thanks for any replies.

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Only thing I have with the jaw is that it occasionally jams and I find I can't open it very far, but I don't think that is down to B12. I can't really think of anything I've identified as being that unusual.

Like you I find that I need to keep my B12 levels really high but my main problems - that have been going on for decades - are around depression and anxiety - some neurological things - particularly after breaking my ankle a couple of years ago and having it pinned (which was when the deficiency was formally identified) which don't seem to go away entirely.

Can understand why MD friends trotting out MS all the time is irritating.


When my B12 was really low ten years ago, I also started having anxiety. Now is just a part of my life and I live with it daily. I manage it, but it never really goes away. I do believe we have changed the pathways of the brain and how it process stressors and ours just short circuits and makes us anxious. I do not have depression but it seems a lot of people have them together which makes life harder, with it being difficult enough with just the B12 issues.


I was a bit surprised when the problems with anxiety and depression went as they had been there for so long but it did take a month or two after I started supplementing at around 3mg a day. My anxiety was particularly bad in run up to period - still get a bit around that time but nothing like it was.

Anxiety and depression seem to involve a short circuit in one of the more primitive parts of the brain that deals with fear - which I think is why suidicidal thoughts are so common.

May be, even though you inject once a day that still isn't actually enough.


Sounds like Bruxism. Clenching or grinding of teeth. It's associated with stress / anxiety.


I get the jaw muscle pain and uncontrollable 'teeth chattering' during a migraine, if that is any help.


Just wondered daisydc if you've tried supplementing with vitamin D3. It is supposed to help absorb B12 and, if you are deficient in one, you are likely to be deficient in others.

Apparently, most of us are now deficient in D3 and this deficiency is involved in many diseases. This video gives advice on safe higher doses.

I'd also recommend the book, "The Miraculous Effects of High Doses of Vit D3 and K2..."

By Jeff Bowles.


I am a chiropractor and sell and educate my patients on the importance of supplementation of all of the vitamins, essential fatty acids, and minerals that we are lacking in todays diet. I really try to keep up on the lastest literature although so much is out there it is not possible to see or hear the newest findings so We use each other in the field to keep updated I just had my D tested, and it was 100, right at the very top of acceptable. I think my issues are more brain related, dysfunction with the synaptic junction of the muscles and some where it is going haywire and we cannot figure out why. I have been treated for brain parasites, liver parasites, imbalance of my hormones, degenerative joint disease, B12 and so many other things that some practitioner thinks will be the silver bullet. Nothing really has helped me stop the jaw tightness, it is just manageable with magnesium, B12, Vit D and a good cod liver oil and getting my neck adjusted. I will read your recommended book..... it looks very good. !!!!!!! D and K are so important in the autoimmune system and keeping things running like a well oiled engine.


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