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Pain in the ASS

i am amused at this so thought i would share

I went to the doctor after suffering from a pain in the buttock for about 6 months, id spent so much time fighting to get my injections that the less important stuff went by the wayside.

I also have a large stash of b12 injections at home but had got to a point where i was too scared to take it.

anyway for the buttock pain, the doctor put me on strong anti-inflammatory tablets and PPI medicine for the stomach and told me to take it for a month, thought it was sciatica, and if the problem is still there at the end he would refer me to a muscular doctor.

after the month the pain was still there, i had also developed dumbness and wierd stuff but this deep pain in my buttock was bad again.

i decided to self inject again every other day to see if that helped, whoopie doo 2 weeks later and the pain has gone from every where. numbness has all but disappeared.

The GP knows im PA neg b12 deficient and is treating me for it but will still dish out stomach harming medication and lead me up the garden path.

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Hi br74649 glad to read that you "got to the bottom" of it :D


Lucky for you that you are onto it! Well done for using your brains.


Funnily enough, when all this kicked off for me, I had been suffering from hip bursitis for over a year and had even been sent for x-rays to make sure there was no deterioration of the joint. 10 minutes after using a B12 oral spray, the pain had gone and hasn't been back since!


so did mine!! Well the pain side of it anyway.

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Hi br74649,

I an on the waiting list for a hip replacement because of total loss of cartilage. I inject B12 as its the only thing that keeps the pain bearable.

J 🍀


I also suffer from this, it is a form of sciatica called piriformis syndrome

It is a nerve that runs right down the spine and can get trapped in the buttock

It also causes numbness in my foot. I was put in anti inflammatoties and sent to physio

However since being on B12 injections it only occurs when I am in need of top up

Look on YouTube for some good stretches for piriformis syndrome they work and also tell you the difference between this pain in the a...e and sciatica.🏋 X


Is this the nerve that runs through the muscle in some people and past it in others, with one (or the other) being more prone to problems?


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