Pernicious Anaemia Society

Petition and video

Hi, i have spent today resting and catching up on some posts here, motivated by the fact that i have a cold and am well aware that the virus might deplete my once a month b12 jab more quickly than normal? And am wanting to remind myself of some sort of direction to be going with all this limbo land b12 def. Anyhow i came across a posting for the petition from a few months back and realised i hadn't seen or signed it.

i have now signed it and wanted to prompt anyone else newish to the community to consider signing it.

Also at the bottom of the page is a link to a video titled diagnosis and treatment of B12d. I watched this and found it very informative and wondered if anyone else in the community had seen it. The young lad JJ who is written about in Marty Hodders book and Sally P. who co. Wrote could it b12 is in the film as is just about everything else i have read about over the past year.

i am glad to be feeling so much better after starting my injections 6months ago but like you all out there find the whole fight tiring, also as time goes on more questions seem to come up for me. Wouldnt it all be so much easier if the gps just chose to listen to each patient as an individual and stopped treating lab numbers as the panacea, but now I'm just stating the obvious.

My gp did in fact listen to me and phoned the haemotologist to get me a referral and they said they absolutely wouldnt see me as my b12 levels 220 did not suggest a def. And i wasnt anaemic and they even questioned the fact that i was getting injections!!!! So there you go i dont have much fight in me atm so am settling for my monthly jab as i know its more than most get anyway and supplementing with methylb12 sublinguals. I will pick up the baton in the new year as i think we should all make noises so that the small changes that are beginning to take place, pick up pace.



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