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Pasteur and Bechamp

Been reading the past few nights about the work of Bechamp and all the issues surrounding vaccination and Pasteur's germ theory.

Had to laugh last night when I came across a bit that was, I think, about an anthrax test. This test wasn't particularly accurate and somebody back then said,

"What use is a test that is 50% WRONG!"

Now at the time they had the good sense to stop using the damn thing because, well, people were dying. Now wouldn't it be a whole lot simpler to explain the IFA test in those terms?

The problem today it seems is our misplaced confidence in science tied in with denial about what really happens in B12 deficiency. Because the way I see it, is that if the general belief is that if you have PA and don't get the correct treatment, then people die. That's the general belief, that PA is the thing that is going to kill you. Yet we know that 50% of people with PA don't get diagnosed with it. So, these people get chucked on a variety of treatments ranging from none at all, to 50mcg tablets, to orals, to injections and sometimes they get loading doses and sometimes they don't. Whatever.

It still means that quite a few people must be dying of untreated or undertreated PA because the test is 50% WRONG.

So why isn't anyone identifying these cases?

Then, of course, we have the complete lack of understanding about what is really going on. We have talk of PA being an auto-immune condition - yet only a few years ago when the Schilling test was used, PA was a condition determined by the lack of intrinsic factor, not by the fact they had antibodies to intrinsic factor. Who and when suddenly decided you needed to test positive for IFAs to be 'really ill'?

Of course the IF problem stems back to the 1920s when 'some' of the patients who died were discovered to have more difficulty than others in absorbing B12 from the initial oral treatments. But all the patients who didn't get treatment still died.

What's happening to them today? Or are we really stupid enough to believe that an injection every 3 months or a multivit is going to save them from further injury or even death? We hear of people all the time talking about PA in 'dire' terms, the inference being you could drop dead any moment, yet it is quite clear that 50% of PA patients are getting missed....

We have talk of subacute but nobody really seems to understand how the symptoms translate into specific physical problems for the patient. Nobody. It's quite likely that half the patients on here have subacute to one extent or another.

It is a complete mish-mash of half-truths, complete garbage, ignorance, selective understanding and denial.

The whole thing is turning into one big, fat, bad Joke.

Just editing to say:

Looked it up and half a million people in the UK are identified as having PA. That means another half a million haven't had it picked up.

Let's presume that 50% of the oversights, get some form of B12 treatment because they end up having a B12 blood test - but of course, we know for sure (according to the PA people) that isn't going to be effective. But then we still have another 50% of half a million who get nothing at all. Who are told their injuries are 'all in their mind' or their 'B12 levels are normal'.

That's 250,000 souls.

And they are only the ones who get as far as having a test for IFAs.

Of course if you still believe it's a blood condition and all is well when the bloods are returned to normal, then these people should be being picked up on. Yet I seem to remember reading some figures from a couple of years back that said only 29 people had been hospitalised after suffering lack of treatment from PA.

Take a good long look at the Murphy and Minot film and what B12 deficiency does neurologically speaking. Know that even they knew then that everything wasn't returned to normal once the bloods were okay (hey, you can see it in pictures and written down!) and then explain to me where all these people are today?

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