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Bicarbonate of Soda

I was telling someone on here last week about the problems I had when I took bicarb - and the fact it made me really vomit and I nearly passed out. Which is why I never recommend taking bicarb to do the low stomach acid test.

Anyway I've never looked it up or anything until today, and I found this link

I've only had a quick scroll but I can see that it's all back to the calcium stuff and milk alkali etc. Linked to antacids yadda, yadda

Anyway, it can, and does, happen and, as you can see, can be quite devastating.

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I've found that, if I get a symptom that is like acid reflux, I eat an orange, or drink a glass of orange or tomato juice, or eat some Corn chips and Salsa (mild) and all the symptoms disappear.

Too much alkali in the stomach has almost the same symptoms as too much acid (for me at least).

I sleep better with if I drink a glass of OJ before going to bed. No milk for me since also going gluten and casein free after starting the B12 injections.


Low stomach acid has the same effect (symptoms) as high stomach acid. So, you've probably got low stomach acid ...


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