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B12 deficiency in the dark

i have recently been diagnosed with b12 deficiency, and am shocked at what i have read here, i suffered from pins and needles in hands, arms when i woke up an doctor said it was related to my osteo artheritis,

so it was ignored, i feel sick an dizzy everyday again the doc said thats connected to my tablets, I do have to have 6month blood tests as i have a problem with blood cells about 2 years ago, that seemed to correct it self but they picked up the B12, iam on my 4th month of injections, but i told nurse i didnot know i had symptoms and she gave me a A4 piece of paper about it, which was useless, i now see there could be a connection with omeprazole which i have been on daily for 1 1/2 years, doctor has never mentioned this too me, i have been in a lot of pain recently, well about a year,my legs ache, my knees seem to give way, i get sore hands and fingers sometimes have really sharp pains an i cant use them as much, which they say is my osteoartheritis, and now my tiredness and headaches he puts down to depression, I really dont know whats causing what anymore, iam also on Naproxen 500mg for over 2 years twice a day and 8 coproxamol a day for over 2 years, as the doctor says there nothing else he can do for pain, could the tablets be causing my B12 deficiency, or just making it worse, an what are the symptoms of the deficiency

Thanks for reading, sorry it so long x

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Are you taking a good B Complex that contains a good level of Folic Acid ? This will support your injections - keep all the B's in balance - and allow the Folic Acid to work with the B12 in the body - allowing it to stay longer before it is excreted.....

How are your VitD levels ? That should help the pain. VitD is anti-inflammatory - a steroidal pre-hormone and needed in every cell in your body - so that is a lot of D :-) It is not just a vitamin.....

Hope you soon feel better. Best to read and learn as much as possible as mny Docs are so lacking in good knowledge about the basics that make our bodies work optimally. Keep asking questions too.....


I can't give you the link on here but:

Go to Google and tap in

PDF BMJ B12 Deficiency Hunt

The page you are looking for starts cmic (I think)

Anyway, it's the full paper of a clinical review that was published in September.

Print it off. There is a section about permanent neurological damage - it's hidden somewhere in the middle. It's only a bit but it's the best thing we've got.

Highlight it. Take it to your GP and point out that some people get permanent neuro damage with this illness and that, after reading the paper, you want his professional opinion.

Also ask for the paper to be put in your records.


I'm sorry that you are struggling so much. Unfortunately there is a great deal of ignorance around B12

Just searched on NSAID+B12 and came up with this information from University of Maryland in the UK

so looks like the naproxen could be making things worse.

Didn't come up with anything similar in relation to coproxamol.

Unfortunately doctors have a tendency to treat symptoms rather than looking for underlying causes which doesn't help. B12 to them is just a vitamin and it's difficult to believe just how much a deficiency can affect you (and how much getting the doses right can resolve if you do have an absoprtion problem) unless you have actually been through it. I know I find it difficult to believe just how much my life has been turned around since I managed to get dosages that are right for me ... as opposed to those that are listed in the text books.

Need a magic wand :)


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