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B12 retest

Hi my b12 in May was 100' folate 11' ferritin 81, had 6 loading doses, in July retested 400, folate 10, had injection end September, been feeling not right have really bad pains in my legs from thigh to feet pain under heel, had burning tongue which has easied slightly, got retested again b12 520, folate 14, ferritin 91' which are all in range, had vitimin d tested was 35ug in July know just over the 20ug,

I think b12 should be higher after having 7 injections, but doctor said that's good know and should not be sypmtomatic with that level, she has put me on naproxen and opermerzol said they upset my stomach try them again, I am not going to take them , told me to phone up next week for appointment if no better,felt so upset yesterday why don't they just listen to people instead of going numbers, have sent for Epsom salts for bath and going to take codd liver oil, does any one know a good multivitim to take, thank you for listening,

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Hi Ozzie,

I'm very sorry to read you are not well now. Its very difficult to say much over a serum B12 reading once on treatment. Different people do very different things with the injected B12 it seems, some are well with serum B12 over 300, others need them well over the 1000 to stay well. Your folate and ferritin look OK, so not obviously your problem. Assume thyroid tests are OK, not that your symptoms seem thyroid related really. I can only think you may benefit from more frequent B12 injections if you felt well initially after the loading doses. Or try methylcobalamin in what ever form you would want to try, lozenges, patches and or spray.

I use a multi vitamin from the organic shop, its got everything one can get in it, but its expensive.

Some info on what to source where is in this topic, see:


I hope this helps,

Kind regards,



Thanks my doctor won't budge on more injections, I bought some omega 3 fish oil capsules, just hope these legs pains go. Not had them this bad before, my tsh was 1.75 ,thanks for replying


Like Marre - sorry that you are suffering.

I don't think I really noticed much effect from B12 until the 6 month point - and even then didn't last long.

As Marre said different people seem to need different doses but the text book doesn't reflect that.

don't know how you persuade a GP to listen. I got nowhere with mine who, like yours, told me that it couldn't be B12 if I was being treated ... so went away and in desperation started using a nasal spray that I'd found helped a bit at much higher doses and was amazed when that seemed to do the trick.

Unfortunately there doesn't really seem to have been any effort in to thinking about other ways of delivering B12 or investigating what works for different people - just the assumption that one-size fits all when it so obviously doesn't.




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