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Hi well I have phoned for the results of my last blood test, which was taken just before my 1st 3 monthly injection, and I have been told everything has come back normal.

I am devastated as I am still not right. I was hoping this would still show as low so I could ask my GP for more frequent injections.

I know this is a battle most people have but wondered if anyone can advise me what to do next please?

There is another surgery nearer to me is it worth changing doctors altogether?

Thank you xx

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  • Hi I would tell your gp of your continuing symptoms and definitely request more frequent injections. Even though your blood test is now within normal range, this is probably distorted because you have started on b12 jabs. My gp took the view that although my new blood result was higher than before loading doses it was nowhere near where it should be and allowed monthly jabs for six months - then more blood tests needed.

    Good luck.

  • I'd get copies of your blood test to see what "normal" means. Marre.

  • No guarantee if you change surgeries that GPs at new surgery will be any better and could be worse.

    I'd go with Marre and try to get hold of tests to see what results actually were - as we all know 'normal' covers a multitude of sins and there is enough concern about not having a gold standard test for recommendation to be treatment on basis of symptoms not test results - and then try taking it from there with current GP. Changing will always be an option ... as will supplementing for yourself.

  • Thank you for all your help, I have sent a letter requesting my results so once have these will go from there. I am calm again now so bit more rational. Just got to accept I need to change my lifestyle think that was half my problem trying to carry on like I did before. That't the gym knocked on the head now. I totally agree about the doctor at least where I am now I get them evey 3 months which is better than nothing.

    Thanks again everyone you've been lovely as always xx

  • Don't give up on getting back to your old self just yet. There are a lot of options still to explore - including supplementing for yourself. At the start of this year I was feeling very low and as if I would need to drop hours and change my life and then started supplementing at levels that worked for me - it isn't just me because people around me have noticed the difference since. There aren't any guarantees of course because sometimes things have been left so long that permanent damage has been done. I have much more energy and I'm back to running and I'm free of depression that has dogged me for decades ... but there are still things that I struggle with. It's just a real shame that its something that you do have to figure out for yourself.`

  • Hi Gambit, thank you for that. I'm so pleased you've managed to lift yourself out of that horrible dark place. Can I just ask you though what are you supplementing with? Know we can self inject but have had a quick look and it's so expensive well unless I am looking in the wrong places. Know nasal sprays are available too but I am having problems sourcing one and ended up with a mouth spray.

    Thanks xx

  • I buy 20 ampoules of hydroxocobalamin at a time from Goldpharma and they work out at about £1.20 each. A needle and syringe costs about 15p so that's £1.35 per injection. Whether that is expensive or not depends on personal circumstances I suppose.

  • Thanks engels the ones I found were more than that I will look on that site. Still all new to me. Mad it has to come to this but it seems everyone in same boat xx

  • Hi Engels can you elaborate any further on the hydroxocobalamin you buy please as i have put that in on the website and it has brought up a few choices. Also where do you get your needles and syringes please?

    Thanks xx

  • £1.20 per ampoule is less than it used to cost me in prescription charges (England) before I turned 60. My GP prescribes 5 ampoules at a time which works out at £1.61 each.

    I usually buy Lophacomp in boxes of 10. Make sure you are ordering hydroxo (easiest way is to enter hydroxocobalamin into the search box) not cyanocobalamin. Lophacomp and Hevert are 1mg of hydroxo in a 2ml solution so double the amount of liquid as UK prrscription hydroxo but the same amount of hydroxo, Rotexmedica are 1mg in a 1ml solution so identical to UK prescription. I prefer the 2ml solutions for intramuscular injection as they seem to sting less.

  • Can see them on there thank you :-) how often do you self inject please x

  • Frequency of injections is something that we all have to work out for ourselves and it is all to do with symptoms and nothing to do with blood test results. I inject every 14 days which seems optimum for me.

  • Thank you. I've placed my order :-) feel so much more in control now. Thank you for that information xx

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