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Help with my symptoms:

I am self injecting, but not quite sure on some points.

1. My loading doses were 1mg 1ml daily.

2.I have been self injecting now for 2 weeks, and still give myself 1mg 1ml am & pm.

3.When I go to the point of weekly jabs,are the symptoms meant to have virtually gone.

4.I tried to miss a day, but the symptoms came back strongly.

5.Today is the 1st day I have not given myself an injection,but in the background I still feel the tingling

and also the tremors in my chest area, { although these are not so intrusive }

6.At what point can we we say all the symptoms have gone.

7.How much of the Methylfolate should I be taking with my B12, and do I keep taking this until I stop

self injecting.

8.I have been taking 800mcg of Methyfolate this past 2 weeks, I hadn't realized that it was in my hema-plex capsules.

9.Only when the symptoms have gone,can we say that we have stopped the destruction of the B12 deficiency.

I feel a bit down, and jittery, not sure what is going on here.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.

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Methylfolate works well for some people but can have unpleasant side effects for others including anxiety, palpitations, nausea, headaches, irritability. Were you advised to take methylfolate rather than folic acid?

What form of B12 are you using and are you doing intramuscular or subcutaneous injections?


Thank you for replying.

I didn't know this about methylfolate, and yes, the health shop assistant suggested the use of it.

On closer inspection { very tiny print } on the ingredients list of my hema-plex,I see that I am already taking folic acid 400mcg.

I am using methylcobalamin, and it is intramuscular.

I now understand where my symptoms of the past few days were coming from.

Thank you for enlightening me.



I've never heard of anyone injecting methyl IM but I've googled it and it seems OK. I've never injected methyl and I'm a bit wary of it as methyl sublinguals did nothing for me at all and I've read a number of cases where methyl injections simply didn't work. I know that methyl is an active form of B12 and in theory should be better but nothing is quite that simple when treating B12 deficiency. In my opinion the best starting point is hydroxo injections as they seem to work in most cases.


Methylcabolamin sublinguals worked very well for me. I found the spray more effective than the tablets.

We are all different,I may turn to hydroxo, if I find the symptoms don't subside with


Thank you for the reply.


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