petition to get your B12 as and when you need it, please sign if you wish to support this need

petition to get your B12 as and when you need it, please sign if you wish to support this need


I am posting this here in the PA society forum, however ANYONE can sign it.

I thought I had signed this, but logged in today to check and it allowed me to sign again so I guess I had not.

There are only 584 signatures to date - and it will need a lot more to have a hope of being addressed.

essentially it is asking for PA to be treated on the symptoms, and so that people with B12 deficiency can have the injection as and when they need it, not the outdated once every 3 months.

I would welcome anyone to sign this petition please, even if you do not have B12, because whatever ailment brings you to Health Unlocked, I am sure you can symptathise and understand that those with PA are not getting the medicine they need, at a cost of 50pence a shot, due to old legislation.

If you could have a shot at 50p that would remove nearly all of your symptoms - you would do it - wouldn't you?

And you would hope that others, even if they do not have your illness, would join in and help support you to get the medication you desperately need ( please remember this medication has been tested and is given to patients already int he UK, it is the frequency that is the issue, and there is no possible way to overdose on B12 - unlike many other vitamins it is so soluable it leaves the system rather quickly)

I was shocked and surprised that only 584 signatures were present - so am asking, please if you can, if you wish to help, please do sign the petition and help a fellow suffere / human being suffer a little less tomorrow.

Big Hugs,


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  • Good Morning, I have just signed the petitiion but cannot see that it has added my signature. It may take some time to register?

    Best Wishes

    Sian G

  • Hi Siang, thank-you for signing :-)

  • Hi all,

    just to let you know I have also posted this on the Thyroid UK site and had a great response.

    Please do re-post and spread the word, it all helps to get us our B12 shots as and when we need it.

    Big Hugs,


  • Hi I've just signed it, I've also shared it on two Pernicious Anaemia?B12 support group pages on facebook so hopefully you will get a lot more signatures

  • I have signed this. Your name is not added until you click the email confirmation.

  • Quite confused now, do you only see the names when you have clicked the confirmation e-mail? If so I have not done that and should start again, as I've deleted the confirmation e-mail! Marre.

  • Hi Marre,

    yes - the petition does not store your "vote" until you have clicked on the link in the confirmation email. I cannot imagine they hold onto your info for long, the cache is probably cleared daily if not hourly so you would need to sign again, but we would be ever so grateful :-)

    I think it is a measure to ensure that people do not falsify petitions by adding bogus signatures and bogus email accounts.


    Thank-you again for taking the time to sign,

    Big Hugs,


  • I am registered as having signed the petition I found, but can you tell me how you can see the names? I've deleted the confirmation e-mail, ha ha, kind of do not want to much cluttering my inbox, made a mess of it I see! Marre.

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