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B12 and Mercury help please if you can

I am detoxing myself after having my mercury amalgams removed in March 2016.

I have B12 deficiency and have been injecting myself since 2014 the first 3 months with Methylcobalamin then I had changed to Hydroxocobalamin because I had mercury amalgams in my mouth.

I am detoxing my body taking care of what I eat, drinking lots of water exercising and having a positive and happy attitude.

My issue is my tremors are getting to the point that they are with me all the time, I have now this past week become very unsteady on my feet and my head feels like it has a clamp around it.

I feel that the B12 is turning the mercury into methyl mercury and is causing a real issue in my detoxing, I am getting quite concerned now about my health.

I am taking 1.7 ml of hydroxocobalamin a day and have taken this for many months.

I need the b12 but it now transpires it is slowly making me very sick.

I feel that now I may need to take DMSA to detox.

There should be a warning attached to any B12 supplement if you have any mercury fillings do not take until you have removed them, then detoxed yourself of the mercury.

It is such a predicament to be in for anyone needing B12, but we need to have this information readily available for patients so we know the complications with using B12 and having mercury amalgams.

I have had blood tests done to check on my mercury level, the first one taken a month after removal was 5.6nmol the next test was 6 months later and the result was 11.7 nmol. I am due for another blood test next week.

I need to know how to deal with this....

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I seriously question if your symptoms are anything to do with any sort of toxicity or your fillings.

It does, however, sound very much like the B12 you are taking isn't working and you are experiencing the anxiety reactions associated with this and a lack of folate and potassium.

Cobalamin, especially hydroxocobalamin, is one of the best anti-toxins available and is used to safely "mop-up" and get rid of harmful elements in our bodies.

What supporting supplements are you taking? You will need at least a broad spectrum multivitamin and mineral supplement plus extra folate, potassium and magnesium, maybe iron. Without enough of these, no amount injected will give you relief from your symptoms and hence why I think this is possibly your problem.

You may also need to experiment with different sources of these to find what works best for you. For instance I can take all the folic acid I like but still have your symptoms, whereas if I take methylfolate I am well and improve. Some people need folinic acid instead.

Certain amino acids can also be limiting factors and I have found I must have some type of pork meat almost every day and fish every few days.

The more B12 you take the more potassium and magnesium you are likely to need. If you are taking 1.7 mg hydroxocobalamin daily it is very unlikely you can get enough potassium from your diet and you will probably need to supplement. You have to be careful with this but to give you an example, on 1.5 mg in 1 ml daily jabs, I needed up to 2 teaspoons of Lo-Salt every day, in addition to a potassium rich diet! I'm pleased to say that recently I have been able to reduce that amount as that level was going to damage my kidneys but I had to have it to stop my B12d symptoms. I also need about half a teaspoon of magnesium chloride a day.

Low potassium causes horrible anxiety so it is important to balance everything.

I suggest you Google these supplements and see what you think you need. It is VITAL that you go by symptoms and not blood results because if you haven't got the balance right, the things will not be being used in your cells where it is needed and therefore will show false highs in your blood.

Certainly don't worry about toxins until you are giving your body all the things you need to be well. You will sustain much more damage from the deficiencies than you will from anything else and once you are well you will be in a better position to deal with everything.

For more information, including sources of supplies, you could look up my profile by double clicking on my name and see my post "My Experiences".

I sincerely wish you every luck with finding what you need to make your B12 and body work again and hope you feel better soon.

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Hi, Thank you for replying to me.

My symptoms are a mixture of B12 deficiency and mercury toxicity.

I have regular blood tests for liver- kidney- thyroid- folate- Vit d potassium & ferritin.

My folate is fine usually above 20.0 ug/l as I eat lots of greens, ferritin is only 60 ug/l I am vegetarian but eat fish.

My potassium level 3 months was 4.3mmol fine the GP said, Vitamin D is 125nmol so no problems there.

My intrinsic factor test came back positive, but the test is so unreliable,it could be a false positive as I take B12.

I am hypothyroid and my Thyroid levels are fine.

My GP is aware that I will knock on his door for my blood tests, he is also aware that I am dealing with mercury, but we don't talk about it, not really his problem!

It leaves someone who has this problem very much on their own.

I had a surprise from my last blood test,my kidneys were very healthy,they were very sluggish when tested in March 2016, so I presume it was the diet I have put myself on, that has made them score so highly, my GP even commented on the blood test results, so that lifted my spirits.

I know my immune system is compromised by the mercury and take care not to have any deficiency.

I will be requesting all the testing again when I see my GP in 3 weeks time,I need to have a more detailed look at my liver and see how it is coping by all the B12 I am pushing at it.

I take quite a list of supplements daily and my food and smoothies that are so good for me.

It is a long slow process this detoxing, I have been doing this for 9 months.

I know how precious B12 is to all have B12 deficiency, but we all need to know that there is a connection that is not good if you have mercury amalgams in you mouth.

Anyone with these fillings should be advised to have them replaced with composite,if you don't then you will have symptoms develop eventually, that will resemble B12 deficiency as mercury symptoms do mimic to some extent B12 deficiency.

My husband had quite painful neuropathy in his legs, he is now on B12 given by the Surgery.

He asked his GP if B12 will methylate the mercury amalgams as he does still have quite a few, the GP acknowledged that it can do this, but didn't think it would be an issue........

I have had my blood checked for mercury and the results were as I expected.

I listen to my body, to the symptoms it shows me, I know my body well and I look after it with great care.

Thank you again deniseinmilden for your kindness in replying to my call.


Get some NAC from amazon it removes heavy metals from your body. Helps with lots of other things too. I use the bulk powders version, it's cheap to buy too.


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Thank you for replying th3joker.

I will look into this very closely.

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Hi Manukia. I'm really sorry that you're having so many health problems and feel so very ill.

Your post raises things that concern me - and I'm not so sure I have any answers. I have to say, before I start, that I'm not a qualified medic nor do I have any specialised training that gives me any particular knowledge with which to address your issues, particularly in relation to potential mercury poisoning 😖.

I've spent a considerable amount of time today researching the issues you raise and what follows is more of a series of observations designed to try and help you stand back and take a new pair of eyes to your situation.

(Please note - I'm not going to try and engage with any issues related to amalgam fillings - thats a whole different ball game 😖).

So...some observations:

After extensive searching (including in google scholar) I have been unable to find any medical or scientific research that would indicate that methylcobalamin (or indeed any type of cobalamin) is contraindicated when amalgam fillings are present. That doesn't mean there isn't any - just that I haven't been able to find it. (Excuse me for saying this first - I'm aware that there may now be forum users out there who are worried that they will get mercury poisoning because they use B12 and happen to also have a mouthful of metal 😖😀).

I found one paper on Google scholar that speaks to the role of B12 in relation to methyl mercury - it posits that this is part of a process of detoxification - so this might be a good thing (search for Pan - Hou, H.S et al, 1982 in Google scholar - but only the abstract is available). Sorry can't do the link - iPad playing up and will not always do what I say it should do.

I found talk on various fora about people 'having heard' that methylcobalamin should not be used if amalgam fillings are present - but this appeared to be hearsay only.

Heavy metal chelation and detoxification can be dangerous. The chelation process has other consequences in terms of the potential to produce -sometimes dangerous - vitamin, mineral and trace element imbalances. Everything in the body is very finely balanced and small changes can make a hugh difference to health if imbalances are present.

Chelation therapy can expose parties to risk without benefits. See poison.org for more information about the benefits and risks of chelation therapy.

So...how does this apply to your situation?

First...I have no idea if you have a problem with Mercury. But I'm fairly sure that B12 injections are not the issue.

Second...you say that 'I need the B12 but it now transpires it is slowly making me very ill' (I find myself wondering how you come to that conclusion...or maybe who told you that 😀) An alternative explanation might be that it is the chelation process that is making you ill, not the B12 (evidenced by the fact that you are becoming more ill since you started the chelation).

Third...you mention the levels of mercury in your blood. Taking chelation agents actually releases mercury into the blood, so while you are taking the chelation agents you will have mercury in your blood. (Incidentally, some ill-informed or unscrupulous practitioners use this as evidence to peddle further cheating agents in the name of profit). The real issue is not that Mercury is in your blood, but rather do you have a level of mercury in your body that is potentially doing you harm (some mercury in the body is inevitable)? (To test this, you would have to stop chelation so that an accurate baseline reading could be achieved - but not sure for how long). Another thought...increased blood elevations of mercury are only evidence for a short time after recent exposure: there are problems with hair testing due to possible sample contamination and uncontrollable pre-analytical variables (exposure to dyes, bleaches, shampoo etc.). So...when you get to a GP - more of that below - he may like to do a 24 hour urine sample, which will give an average past history of potential mercury exposure.

The fact that you appear, from what you say, to be undertaking chelation therapy without medical supervision really concerns me (given the observations above). I don't know if you do have a problem with mercury but if you do, the only way to deal with it effectively is by taking medically approved and tested chelation agents (and these are only available on prescription) under the direct supervision of a properly medically qualified person.

And guess what I'm going to say next...I really think you need to see a doctor to discuss the potential Mercury issue, especially as your health seems to be deteriorating. (Please don't misunderstand what I've been saying - I do think chelation therapy has a place in the treatment of heavy metal poisoning - but I firmly believe that it should be under direct medical supervision). I also think that it would be a good idea to now have all your vitamin, mineral and trace elements tested (way above the usual level of testing) so that the potential impact of chelation on your body can be assessed - don't know if your GP can do this level of testing - you may have to be referred to a metabolic specialist for this level of testing. Perhaps a good idea in view of your health.

So, what next...I think that there may be a danger that in focusing on methyl mercury and potential mercury toxicity, other things are being missed...and these other things could well be the cause of your health issues.

So...I agree wholeheartedly with what deniseinmilden says in her reply to you (and so will refer you to her on that and not bother repeating).

Next...you do not say a lot about your medical history but looking at your past posts, it appears that you have had B12 deficiency for some time...and that your symptoms have not really got any better.

So I'm left wondering...has your GP investigated you for other possible causes for your symptoms? There are lots of cross-over symptoms with B12 deficiency and other conditions (for instance, hypothyroidism, diabetes, Hashimot's thyroiditis, a whole range of autoimmune and neurological conditions....to name but a few). As your symptoms are unresolved your GP should be investigating you to rule out other causes...and as you have neurological symptoms you should most certainly have been referred to a neurologist.

This is turning into quite a long reply - I could rattle on for ages about the sorts of tests you can ask for to try and sort out your situation - but you may have already been through those hoops 😖. If you need more advice on this, just do another post - call it, say - B12 not working what other tests shall I ask for - and folks here will be able to advise on that.

And incidentally, before I go, if you want an authorative source about the mercury and chelation issues, check out drmyhill.co.uk - medically qualified so a safe source of information and advice. Will also demonstrate how ferociously complicated this all is - and perhaps give you some ideas on what you would like to do - or not do 😀.

I'm really sorry that all I can offer is a few observations...just hope it helps to shed a new light on things and perhaps suggest some other things you could try.

I really hope that you have a good GP who will help you find answers and solutions to your health problems.

Very good luck to you and let us know how you get on 😀👍

P.s. If you have any medical or scientific sources for the B12 / mercury contraindication issues, there are now lots of people here who would be interested in reading the material 😀.

Foggyme, I love the way you can see more than the obvious and are prepared to research and scientifically backup your comments. Thank you for the extra insight!

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FoggymeAdministrator in reply to deniseinmilden

Thanks Deniseinmilden....a pleasure. But it always seems the more I learn, the less I know 😖😖😀😀

Definitely! I can't help but also wonder how much I can't remember and how much more I will in time! 😀

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FoggymeAdministrator in reply to deniseinmilden

LOL...it's like living on the edge of a black hole 🌪🌪

in reply to Foggyme

Thank you for replying.

I will answer your PS question first.

When I went to see Dr Chandy 2 years ago, he saved my life my GP choose to ignore my symptoms and the blood test results from Guys Hospital because they were in the grey area.

I had all the symptoms of B12 deficiency and felt absolutely horrendous.

Anyhow, when I started on methylcobalamin I felt the effects within days the tremors all went and I felt brilliant.

I could never get rid of the tingling in my feet and then I noticed that I needed to take more B12, so I phoned Dr Chandy as I was puzzled as to why I was needing more B12, he asked me, do you have mercury amalgams in your mouth,I said yes quite a few.

Dr Chandy said, you must have them removed asap and explained why I can,t have mercury amalgams in my mouth if I am taking B12.

He was quick to pick up on the problem that I shouldn't be needing more B12.

I stopped the methylcobalamin and started taking hydroxocobalamin but I didn't realize that all cobalamins methylate mercury.

If I had known about this problem with amalgams and mercury,I would still have taken the B12 I had to have it, but I also would have dealt with the removal of the fillings a lot quicker than I did.

Mercury is in my blood and it most certainly is throughout my system, it has been going into my body day in day out for years, so there is for me a lot to come out and detox.

I have my blood taken at my Surgery for my 3 month blood and urine check on the mercury level, the results go to my Dentist.

You say, it may worry the forum, they should worry if they have amalgams in their mouths, get them removed as I was told to do.

Mercury reduces the ability of B12 to do its job, the reason why I kept needing more....

Thank you for your replying to me.


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FoggymeAdministrator in reply to

Hi Manuka. Just a couple of comments:

Please don't misunderstand my reply to you. I was not suggesting that you do not have a problem with mercury. Rather, I was making observations about some things you might like to think about to try and help with your health issues. But I have to be honest and say that I do not think the matter can simply be related to your B12 injections and the presence of amalgam fillings.

There are a number of variables at play that complicate the issue where mercury is concerned and that might well be at play where your mercury issues are concerned. For instance, ingestion through diet, environmental factors and an individual's potential sensitivity to the mercury in amalgam fillings (the BDA estimate that this affects 3% of the population).

Here's a string from several months ago that you might also find interesting:


Whilst I cannot speak to Dr Chandy's position, I have been unable to find any medical or scientific evidence from which to extrapolate the general conclusion that anybody (or everybody) who takes B12 should have their amalgam fillings removed. Nor that B12 is contraindicated in the presence of amalgam fillings.

I would therefore be wary of suggesting that people who take B12 should have their amalgam fillings removed as a matter of course...or that they will inevitably suffer the consequences of mercury poisoning if they have amalgam fillings and supplement with B12...or that if B12 appears to have stopped working, then the presence of amalgam fillings is the only potential cause.

There are two schools of thought about the extraction of amalgam fillings: one posits that extraction of amalgam fillings is desirable (under carefully controlled conditions): the other that extraction of amalgam fillings in the presence of ill health is ill-advIsed since the resulting release of mercury vapour can induce acute illness.

To forum members who suspect that mercury might be causing them a problem (for whatever reason) the best advice I could give is to take expert medical and dental advice and only have amalgam extractions performed by a suitably qualified and equipped dentist (rubber dam, vapour extraction equipment etc.).

I really hope that you manage to find a solution to your health problems and that you recover your health in the near future.

Please let us know how you get on...and I'll certainly be putting this on my research radar... 😀

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Hi Foggy

My internet provider is having problems so I have to use the pay as you go until it is up and running, very annoying.

I am not misunderstanding your "PS" reply to me,you challenged me to provide information, it was, shall I say an unnecessary way to end your communication with me!!

1.I have no interest in the two schools of thought about amalgam fillings

2.Why are you discussing dental procedures with me, this is not my problem.

3.I am not discussing environmental factors on mercury.

4.Or anything to do with the BDA ( incidentally, my amalgams were removed by a private dentist who PLACES amalgam fillings).

She is amazing, and a very highly qualified dentist with the latest equipment, to protect all of us from mercury gases.

i had absolutely no problems at all, with the removal of my fillings.

I always thought that I had to have these mercury fillings removed by a specialist dentist, Mmmm been there, quite unnecessary and very very expensive.

You just need a good honest dentist who knows there stuff and takes great care to protect you, while having the removal.

5.You say you could rattle on for ages, I could see that, my advice, know when to stop Foggy, less is more.

6. Just because you have been unable to find any medical evidence regarding B12/mercury does not mean it does not exist, it may mean only,that you, are just not very good at researching, but I must say it is a doddle to find.

The B12/mercury problem does not stand on your lack of knowledge, if I foggy, can't find the information, it then does not exist, REALLY.

7. You say that I am undertaking chelation therapy without medical supervision.

I am not taking any chelation therapy at all.......

8.GPs are not interested in chelation therapy for mercury, they have said, it is for your Dentist to oversee.

I have PA and must have B12 but I am also aware that there are issues if you have amalgams in your mouth.

That showed up very quickly after taking methyl B12 for only a few months, my need for more.

B12 deficiency has symptoms similar to mercury toxicity.

I looked through your list of the various questions/answers on the need for more b12.

I think the question people need to ask themselves, have they mercury fillings.

Look at research from NCBI [ National Center for Biotechnology US]

They are part of the United States National Library of Medicine( NLM )

The NCBI is located in Bethesda in Maryland ( yes froggy, we can all prattle on) it was founded in 1988 through legislation sponsored by Senator Claude Pepper.

[ The NCBI is listed in the Registry of Research Data Repositories ]

I know the words [ United States Government] comes somewhere in my abbreviations.

The [ EHP ] National Institute of Environmental Health Science US.

The research is at your finger tips, if you choose to push the right keys.

Start your research on Wikipedia.....

Methylcobalamin ( methyl B12 ) has been implicated in the biomethylation of heavy metals{ mercury,tin,platinum,gold,thallium.

For example the highly toxic methyl mercury is produced by the action of Methylcobalamin.

In this role, methylcobalamin serves as a source of CH3+.

Methylation of heavy metals can also occur outside of biological systems.

Vitamin B12 has been shown to methylate mercury.

Until my B12 problem I was quite happy with my amalgams in my mouth and my health.

I would not have had my amalgams removed without having a good sound health reason.

After being told by Dr Chandy that [ methyl B12 ] methylates the mercury in my amalgams it still took me nearly 2 years to have them all removed.

Look after yourself, you are well meaning and appear to be a thoughtful and caring person.

I will leave you with a PS:

If you don't have knowledge about a subject it is best not to throw in information you may think may help the person, it is not coming from a place of knowing, its like pulling straw from a hay bale, goes everywhere and makes a mess.

Kind regards


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FoggymeAdministrator in reply to

I am sorry that you interpreted that as a challenge. It was not. It's quite usual here to share knowledge...and ask people for referenced sources...or further information, if they have it....we are not medical or scientific experts nor do we profess to be so (that is not what this site is designed or intended for). This point was made clear to you, and qualified, at the beginning of my very first reply to you in this thread.

It was also clearly stated that although evidence had not been found, this did not mean that it did not exist.

Your advice to forum members was that all with amalgam fillings should have them removed if B12 supplementation is taking place. The second response was a cautionary note that other variables may be at play and that anybody who is concerned about this should seek further medical advice.

Please can I refer you to the terms and conditions for use of this site. Making derogatory and unnecessary personal comments about people who reply to you is not in accordance with those terms and conditions.

Under those terms of use, your response borders on personal abuse...and if it had been directed towards a forum member, then your less pleasant comments would have been edited out.

If you wish to continue to use this site please adhere to the terms and conditions of use.

This specific string is now closed - any further replys from you on this issue will be deleted.

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Neeta-K in reply to Foggyme

Foggy me please can you look at this study:


Neeta x

I would also recommend a read of Dr Myhill's website. She doesn't favour chelation therapy these days, but has some other suggestions.

I agree with Foggyme's thoughts on chelation therapy. Only do this under qualified supervision, otherwise you could end up with more problems than you had when you started.

in reply to Hillwoman

Thank you for replying Hillwoman.

I have chosen to detox myself I can find no one that is skilled in detoxing mercury and also understanding the problems to chelate with a chemical drug and having B12 deficiency.

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Hillwoman in reply to

Manukia, are you in the UK? If so, have a look at the practitioner list on this web site:


in reply to Hillwoman

Thank you Hillwoman

I will look into this thoroughly.

I am going to take a little more zinc, mercury plays merry hell with all the Vitamins and minerals and that is the only one I am very careful with and have not increased the dosage.

Thanks again


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