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I'm so tired. Even falling a sleep at work. I have an appointment with my doc tomorrow. Is there any other treatment I can ask for?

I have been diagnosed with B12 deficiency and have 3 monthly injections. But they seem to be having no effect. Last one was two weeks ago. I'm so tired of being tired all the time. My days off I literally sleep all day. And then all night. This is no life!

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Hi RedTail,

You will find many people wioth the same complaint as you on 3 monthly B12 jabs, not all though, there are many that do fine, but if not then its best to make sure you have further investigations as to why not (as Iverson already suggested).

It is worth getting to know as much as you can about PA, understand what can still go wrong and why, perhaps ready the old PA forum a bit and this topic in particular may help you decide to push for more, see:

I hope this helps and you will fight for your health, its only you who will benefit!

Kind regards,



Hi RedTail,

Speaking only for myself, I found that having injections every three months wasn't enough. I eventually got my Doctor to reduce this to two months, which helped a bit, but by two weeks after the injections, I was already feeling tired. After looking through the information on the old PA forum, I decided to try Hi strength B12 patches to suppliment the injections. This works for me (currently), but as with a lot of things B12 related, your mileage may vary. It's worth making your folate & iron levels are within range, as regular does of B12 will reduce these, so keep talking to your doctor.


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