Calling G.Ps!!!

Could any G.P. explain the difficulty in prescribing enough B12 injections to alleviate symptoms of Pernicious Anaemia? My normally very kind and understanding G.P. becomes agitated and annoyed if I ask for an injection before 3 months,and suggests that I am imagining symptoms. (exhaustion, giddiness numb feet.etc.)It is beyond my comprehension that such a cheap and non-toxic vitamin should be withheld from patients who are feeling so ill...Please answer this---you are anonymous here!

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  • Unreasonable, uncaring GPs don't like smarter patients. ;)

    Get rid of them and move on to find a better GP who cares about you.

    As you know, most GPs aren't knowledgeable about PA and how patients should be treated.

    You are obviously getting neuro problems and you shouldn't leave it as it is. It can lead to nerve damage (irreversal) unless you receive more frequent injections.

    Many doctors are in bed with pharma industry and it's not in their best interest to make patients healthier. Their purpose is to make you sicker, push more useless drugs, vaccines for profits. You should read up more about Common Purpose and UN Agenda 21.

  • Thank-you Erainy. I can't believe that not one G.P.has replied to my question. I'm sure that at least one must have read it. Trouble is that when you move surgeries,a "message" will be passed on about you. When I told my G.P. that I used the internet to find out about my condition, she said that I shouldn't do that! It's going to be a difficult journey,and I know that there are thousands of folk like me out there!

  • At least you can say to yourself that you've tried to look for better GP. But you'll never know, you might come across sympathetic, kinder doctor. Also when you move, it takes about 6wks before your file is transferred to the new surgery so the new doctor WILL have to listen to what you say so you'll have that window of opportunity. You just have to keep on knocking the door until you exhausted all the surgery in your area then you can say...they are all shyte! Alternative option visit a private doctor. They will more likely to listen to you and you get a better treatment plan/diagnosis and you take it to your doctor, they can't deny the other doctor's decision. It's a kind of back door method but look around. I don't know where you are based but we have very good Polish private GP surgeries and they are very good with patients and with fee. There is also an online doctor who can prescribe you.

  • Dear Erainy, Thank-you so much for your advice. Really great that you take the time and trouble to reply! (NO GPs HAVE!!!) I think I will go and see a private GP. The Nuffield Hospitals have GPs for £95 a consultation. Seems a lot but its not really where your health is concerned.And you can have much longer than 10 minutes`(my surgery) It was very encouraging to hear from you .All the best to you.

  • I have just posted a similar thing.

    It makes my boyfriend very angry that the one size fits all treatment is applied to us with PA.

    My doctor told me my symptoms are "probably psychological" which has put me off asking for more frequent injections. It doesn't really help that whenever I am at the doctors I have no fight left in me due to fatigue, dizziness and a number of other symptoms so I don't get a chance to get my point across and end up being fobbed of by the doctor and leaving feeling miserable.

    One day doctors may realise that by giving us more frequent injections (for the sake of a few pennies), they may save thousands on treatment for us in later life as we wont be burdening them with dementia or other mental health problems due to the months we endure a lack of oxygen going to our brains!!

    Feeling myself getting angrier as I type this.

  • Absolutely! This business hasn't only made me angry, but very upset, not just for myself, but all those others out there, who maybe just cannot afford to consult privately, don't or can't use a computer to get information about their condition. I can't imagine this sort of thing happening in 2014. I want to know the reasons. That is why I addressed the question to GPs----NOT ONE REPLY FROM A G.P. !!!Has it got something to do with BIG PHARMA? There's no big profit in B12 --it is very CHEAP -a natural product which can't be patented. Doctors like cosying up to BIG PHARMA! And all the while P.A. sufferers are being damaged . If my feet get any worse, I won't be able to drive. But who cares? Well I do, and by hook or by crook, I will get the injections I need. (I have tried sub-lingual tablets, patches, and nose-sprays---don't work for me unfortunately) Enough! But thanks foryour reply (You can get Hydroxocobamalin ampoules from Goldpharma in Germany -a reliable source. Needles are easy to get inU.K. online . Then you need swabs and a little bucket to dispose of the used needles.

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