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I've been looking for a perfect autoinjector for ages and finally found one. There are many pens for MS and diabetic patients but because there isn't B12 cartridge (only ampoules) none of the pens are good to us. Anyway, here is one that pricks the skin with a touch of a button and you only need to push it in which I can. This video shows a dog owner using it for her dog but it's ok for human too. It uses 1ml insulin syringe and it only does subcutaneous but people who self-inject says subcutaneous works just as well.

In the UK, it can be purchased from

FAQ on the manufacturer's site

I don't know if this has already been produced yet but really gagety thing.

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Erainy, thank you for posting this. I have had a stock of B12 and insulin syringes for ages, but still haven't managed to pluck up the courage to self inject - not because I'm afraid of needles (when somebody else is doing it!) but because I'm afraid of getting it wrong. This gadget looks as though it would be a big help.

I have heard docs and pharmacists say that B12 HAS to be injected intra-muscularly, but I think that's because the B12 you get on prescription (if you're lucky enough) is Hydroxocobalamin, which they say has to be intra-muscular. But I have heard many of those on this forum who self inject say that subcutaneous is fine.

I would be very interested to hear of anybody who has tried it, or if you decide to have a go, please let us know how you get on. Thanks again xx


I'll post how it goes when I get it.


I use it for my monthly RA injections..I am not a big fan of them

because I've had to send defective injectors back..the best

part of using an injector is that you just hold it against your skin

and push a don't have to aim it or watch it go in..

It delvers the medicine very quickly..Usually when you are done

using the auto injector, you toss it..the needles automatically retract

making it the best option for anyone who is helping to give you the

injections..Lots of people sing praises for the auto injector because

their hands would otherwise shake..the auto injector is pretty fool


I didn't check to see what the directions were on the packaging...

I don't actually know if you have to let the B12 sit out for a little

while..if you need to keep it in the refrigerator..or how it should

be stored..My RA medicine is very fussy and the injector needs to

come out of the refrigerator and sit for an hour...Someone might

want to check on the storage of B12 and the directions about

injecting it right out of the fridge or do you need to let it get room temp?


Which autoinjector did you use if you don't my asking?

As for B12, normally you don't have to store it in the fridge but you must keep it out of light otherwise it loses its potency.


I also found this ampoule clipper which is cheap (only £1.00)!

I've used another clipper (below) but it's not as easy as they show it in the video partly because I was afraid of ampoule shattering in the process and was careful. But that may be something to do with not used to using it yet.


Erainy, someone posted on Facebook about a needle free injection system if you are interested?

Not that cheap though.


Interesting but yeah very expensive.


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