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SI advice


I’m new to SI and to start with my partner was doing them no problem but when he’s been away working I’ve had to do them myself. I did them sc into my stomach area. The first one I was left with a bruise but subsequent ones I’ve been left with a red circle about an inch wide. Can this be normal or what am I doing wrong as my partner does it sc into my buttock area and I’ve nothing there?

I SI ever alternate day just now

My partner started giving my my injections first in the area shown for subcutaneous injections but now I’ve done a few I do them in the tummy area

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You may be injected intradermally - into the skin, rather than subcutaneously - into the fat. The red circle would be the B12 pooling under the skin.

Bamboo71 in reply to fbirder

Ah, I see so what do I need to change? I use a yellow needle to inject

fbirder in reply to Bamboo71

I'm not too sure about subcutaneous technique, but I'm sure somebody will be around to help.

Are you injecting at a shallow angle?

Bamboo71 in reply to fbirder

Yeah I watched a YouTube video so said a 45 degree angle

Search for sub cutaneous on here. I do 90 degrees, although I’ve seen some people say 45, I believe that’s only for very little fat.

I also don’t think you should be injecting into bottom because of the sciatic nerve.

Subcutaneous into the buttocks should be fine. It's intramuscular that should only ever be done by an expert.

Bellabab in reply to fbirder

I don't think you need to be an expert to inject into a muscle - you do need to be trained by an expert and many surgeries seem keen to teach this. It's quite straightforward really as you just need to know how to avoid blood vessels and nerves - and make sure its done with strict observance of sterile conditions.

fbirder in reply to Bellabab

Injecting into the buttocks is not recommended;

Traditionally the dorsogluteal (DG) muscle was used for IM injections but this muscle is in close proximity to a major blood vessel and nerves, with sciatic nerve injury a recognised complication (Small, 2004). In addition, drug absorption from the DG muscle may be slower than other sites and this can lead to a build-up of drugs in the tissues and risk of overdose (Malkin, 2008). Many patients find the use of the DG site intrusive and are reluctant to undress to give access to the relevant area. For these reasons, the DG muscle is no longer recommended for IM injections – in spite of this, many nurses continue to use it.

Bellabab in reply to fbirder

I did not suggest anyone self inject into the bum. That would be extremely foolish as it is not at all practical and as you say is fraught with danger. The best place to self inject is into the outer middle third of the thigh. Raising the leg allows the muscle there to be readily seen - don't inject with the leg raise though.

Bamboo71 in reply to Bellabab

I posted a pic on my original post as these were the areas shown online for subcutaneous injections?

Yes, if I were to try subcut I think I'd go for a steeper angle than 45 degrees. But I guess I'm thicker-skinned than most.

I do s injections. I uses a 1/2 inch neck 30G I mainly do it in my thigh.

I go straight in at a 90deg angle.

I also inject in my stomach if I want it to go in quicker. Always a couple of inches away from belly button.

I sometimes get a small bruises or pink mark. Sometimes a tiny bit of blood.

I tend to hold a roll on my stomach but not on my thigh.

My BMI is 22 I think this can make a difference in choice of length of needle . I think I saw a chart on the web.

I'm sure you will be one more confident.

Bamboo71 in reply to Nackapan

Thanks, that’s what I’m getting. I bruised the first time at a 90 degree angle so was doing 45 but getting a pink mark. I’ll go back to 90 degree and I’m sure I’ll get better with more injections as still a bit cautious 🙈

Nackapan in reply to Bamboo71

Yes. Sometimes goes perfectly other times I've feel ive messed it up? I lost a whole dose once as just pushed the syringe to hard ti remove a bubble and shot the whole lot across the room lol

The trickiest bit i find is to remove the needle cap/cover without the whole needle??

You will be fine.

Bamboo71 in reply to Nackapan

Thank you 😊

I do intra muscular injections, into my thigh weekly. I’m fairly fit, although less so with covid, and inject into to top part of my thigh using a 5/8 25g needle. Occasionally I get a small bruise, but have found a “good spot” on each leg so I alternate. It also helps to draw up the b12 and then swap out the needle tip for a fresh one to inject with.

Bamboo71 in reply to Tinygiant

Yeah I change the needle before I inject

Seekur in reply to Bamboo71

I also inject in the upper thigh--If looking down and the top of the thigh being 12 oclock--I inject at about 2 oclock position (25 g x 5/8 inch length needle). Change needle prior to injection. Once the needle is completely inserted I inject the B-12 very slowly--never end up with a bruise . Works great for me--hopefully for whoever else tries this method. It's IM of course.

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