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Hey I've bought my b12 from online and have been injecting for the past month or so now once a week, my health has improved a lot but I've recently got worried about injecting glass shards into my body because I am not using a filter needle.

Can someone please advice me on where to get a good filter needle/syringe set up .. I only need the syringe to hold 1ml .. I am wanting to inject subcutaneous so the smaller the needle the better, thanks in advance.

PS All the b12 I can find on the sites like *goldpharma* etc are in ampules is there anyway I can find them in vials .. this way I could possibly use my 0.5 insulin needles no sweat to draw up and inject.

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  • If you are injecting sub-cutaneously then an insulin needle is all you really need

    I've not heard of any concerns about glass shards before and would consider it unlikely to be an issue - insulin needle is very fine.

  • Are you sure there is no cause for concern though? because I've heard that if you do inject glass shards somehow into your body it can be very harmful .. I guess I am just really worried now, doing this for over five weeks :\

  • Have a look here

    I've been a nurse for nearly 40 years and never heard about this problem you are worried about, but then I still learn new things every day! Where did you get this information from?

  • My friend is training to be a lab technician and when I told her I was opening the ampule, drawing the liquid up with a 30g 0.5ml insulin syringe she told me to stop right away due to when you break the ampule you might get tiny pieces of glass shards fall into the ampule and then draw up with the syringe.

    I am at the moment trying to find a good alternative e.g finding a filter straw to suck up the b12 from the ampule then using these products to inject IM or Subcut

    PS after her information she shared I did a bit of research and its true that you can do this and it can indeed cause harm to you.

    PSS: I bought that powder b12 a long time ago in facts its in my room as we speak, I could never find a reliable saline solution so I continued with my purchase from *goldpharma* it really sucks that I can't find a place that sells hydroxo in a vial (liquid form)

  • I emailed them asking if sterile water for injection could be used (Amazon) as it was difficult to get saline. They replied that sterile water for injection was ok to use. Sorry I can't find the email but email them yourself, I got a prompt reply.

  • Oh nice! I will look into that thank you, there is a problem with the one they sent though do you think its safe to keep reopening the bottle drawing it out and putting the cap back on?.. its not air lock sealed if you know what I mean.

    PS how many ML do you get of b12 when you add the 10ml water I am a little confused about that, not sure if it would be cost effective.

  • The multi vials have to contain aluminium to preserve the B12 (very little, but still), they seem to be used in the US, but are now being replaced it seems with single vials it seems, but I do not know.

  • This is a very informative link, thanks for posting it. (Oxford Biosciences) This is such a helpful group.

  • hi, as an ex nurse/midwife, i've never encountered the 'glass shards' phenomenon in my working experience. i think this is a one in billion scenario. insulin needles have a tiny lumen.

  • Methylcobalamin in a bottle is available from the website for a donation. They are struggling financially so need donations!

    My nurse friend advised finding the dot on the vial and breaking it there. That's the thinnest place she was not at all concerned about shards.

  • Hi S-J-H, I e been on the site but can't find where I can purchase B12 injections! Can you direct me?

  • Just send them a message via the contact form with your address and they will send it.

    I think they should have a shop on their site and am not at all surprised that they're experiencing financial difficulty as I'm sure people would happily pay.

  • How much in ML is the bottle of Methyl also what are the prices? their website is very confusing I have no idea how to contact them

    There doesn't seem to be a guarantee that you will be getting b12 neither does it state how much you need to donate in order to receive the b12

  • At work we always use a filter needle to draw up meds from a glass ampoule due to the possibility of fine glass contamination. They are red in colour and have a wide gauge. Hope that helps.

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