What is wrong with me

In June I fainted and smashed my head pretty good at Best Buy but luckily the manager was an EMT and helped me. I was in the hospital for 3 days but i've fainted over 5 times since then and couldn't have my jaw fixed which was the result of my first episode. Well i'm having surgery on Tuesday but today I had a similar siyuation but I didn't faint and from what my father told me I was speaking about things that he never heard of and I was talking in Spanish which I know very little of. If someone out there has had a similar situation would you please tell me because i'm starting to worry.

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  • I'm not a doctor but I would suggest it's your medication.

  • Go see your doctor, ASAP! It could be your primary care physician or your neurologist.

    Let them know exactly (make notes while it is fresh in your memory) what is going on. It could indeed be your meds or your PD or a LOT of other potential problems...some minor, others major! But call them now!!!

  • This is worrying. I hope you have had medical help by now. It sounds like your symptoms need more investigation. Are you under the care of a movement disorder neurologist?

  • I have had numerous tests done and they still have no idea what might be causing it. There latest theroy is that all of the head trauma i've had in my life is causing this. They are letting me have my surgery on tuesday which has been postponed a few times due to all of this. My new neurologist starts in January and they moved me up to be the first patient she will see.

  • if taking mirapex that could cause fainting.. I would have feelings of almost fainting, driving made it worse for some reason and got off of it fast. I think its meds.

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