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What if we are approaching this all wrong?

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I remember talking to an Asian friend of mine a while back who said in her culture it is important to eat 25-30 different plant foods every day. Here is an article on how and why you should do it.


The thing this article omits is that by adding herbs and spices which have sometimes 100-1000 times as much of some therapeutic compounds you can add even more foods.

That got me thinking. We are all trying to find that magical supplement that helps. What if the key is not to find something that works and stay on it , but to find many different active compounds ( preferable from natural plant sources) and to cycle through them like we do with food.

Maybe the body takes what it needs and puts some aside, but then could do with a bit of something else next. What if by feeding the same supplement every day it is reducing the variety of gut bacteria and running us short of some other essential ingredient?

Should we instead have a big range of biological compounds but just take each one once or twice a week the same way as we ought to be doing with food?


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Thanks for sharing. Great ideas.I think I am going to make an effort to try to increase what I eat. I'm down to 104 lbs. I don't eat alot and need to make better choices.

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LAJ12345 in reply to Smittybear7

Yes that is very light. Make every mouthful count.

Yes!.....always look for food sources first before pills, supplements that are refined etc.......IMO.


Eating a lot of different foods and different colored foods is a pillar of the Wahls Protocol.



I have read several studies that argue that some substances are used by other substance to complete a reaction , transport, energize etc. and the amount used is incredibly small and is usually stored, but circumstance can leave the body with insufficient in storage, be it vitamin, mineral or others. The result is that control or action is left undone with terrible consequence.

In discussions with one of my doctors ,he advised me to take a daily multi- vitamin that contains trace amounts of every vitamin and mineral possible.

I like your idea of herbs and spices but remember take only small amounts some of the "natural " plant unless you are familiar with it can knock you off your feet real quick.

Another theory says what can kill you in large amounts may be extremely beneficial in tiny amounts. Nuclear radiation being one and the amount is not so tiny. There are many examples that are well studied mostly in Japan and in the Russian nuclear experiences.

I feel like the scene in the movie, Plans, Trains and Automobiles where John Candy waves at the people who are yelling at him "Your going the wrong way"

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LAJ12345 in reply to GymBag

Ari Whitten is always talking about hormesis which is the little bit of a stressor that makes you stronger. It can be cold, a poison, a plant compound, exercise, radiation, heat, light, fasting


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Resano in reply to LAJ12345

A great post indeed. The pinch of black pepper you add to curcuma and olive oil makes all the healing difference. As for hormesis, I realised that the counterintuitive benefit of (acute, unending) stress 'is that, similar to a pet, a book or the presence of an oriental sage, it can become your own spiritual teacher. Demonstration:


So my inconsistency in taking supplements might be a godsend!!!

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134A in reply to Annieartist

If inconsistency is the key, I’m right on track!!

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LAJ12345 in reply to Annieartist

I have no idea. Just putting it out there as a discussion point!

The number of times that I have said that must be in the thousands

"I have no idea"

There were so many things we did not and do not know and what seemed like being on the brink of obtaining answers only showed us that the problem was much much more complicated than imagined so then I decided to leave it to others like Michael J Fox and spent my efforts maximizing my use of what capability I still had and enjoyed what I have .

You younger people can take the torch ( sorry it went out when I dropped it) light it and carry on . Enjoy your quest. Ninth inning, Game tied, bases loaded, nobody out and I am in left field at the fence, fly ball.

Basically the same idea as Terri Wahls 👍😊

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LAJ12345 in reply to jeeves19

Does she say to vary supplements too? Or just food?

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