Qigong for PD!!!

This is a flyer I received by Email. I have followed his protocol for about 3-4 weeks now and have felt some serious improvements in my everyday living. I endorse him wholeheartedly.

Howard Shifke fully recovered from Parkinson’s disease using a methodology he developed called the Parkinson’s Recipe for Recovery™. He will be presenting a one-day workshop in Tampa on February 16, 2013. The workshop will be from 10am to 5pm, and will include an explanation of his philosophy of Parkinson’s, development of the Parkinson’s Recipe for Recovery™ during his recovery, and general explanation of the Recipe and how and why it works; questions and answers; lunch break, where lunch will be provided; demonstration of the Parkinson’s Recipe for Recovery™, including assisting participants understand how to do the Recipe, plus modifying the exercises to meet with participants’ individual needs or physical limitations, if any. Cost: $100. Cost includes: workshop, lunch, free parking, Parkinson’s Recipe for Recovery™ Manual (complete manual with photographs demonstrating every position of the entire physical part of the Parkinson’s Recipe for Recovery™). Location: The Carrollwood Cultural Center, Meeting Room II, 4537 Lowell Road, Tampa, FL 33618, (Free parking). For more information and registration, go to fightingparkinsonsdrugfree.... and click the “Workshops” tab, or barcode scan this QR code:


Parkinson’s disease is considered a progressively degenerative neurological disease from which there is no cure. Howard was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2009. Rather than accept the current prognosis of Parkinson’s, Howard decided to fight the disease and he developed his methodology know as the Parkinson’s Recipe for Recovery™. On June 12, 2010, Howard became fully recovered, symptom-free, and his neurologist has confirmed Howard’s full recovery.

Howard has posted his Parkinson’s Recipe for Recovery™ on his web site free of charge, and he has been coaching Parkinson’s sufferers around the world in his methodology of Parkinson’s recovery. So far, two others have fully recovered, and many more are in stages of symptom reversal and recovery.

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  • Thanks...looks interesting...I'm vacationing near Tampa and I will check this out. Thank you so much

  • Im trying on my own in spain...excellent and veggie diet..no sugar! He seems v genuine, also teacher on utube recovered with gi gong,

    Ordinary medicine will not be interested as no money in it!

  • You are so right about the $, Mr Shifke seems to not be interested in Money for his work.Hilary I wish you the best and if you need any questions answered I will attempt to do that

  • hola, i am living in spain too, where are you?

  • Poet...I just checked where you are located; I am vacationing in Sarasota. Will you be in Tampa?

  • I thought that I had replied to you: but I dont't see it here. Yes I will be in Tampa with bells on!

  • Hi DeParkiePoet, thanks for the info. COuld you tell me your sysptoms and how and what you did Howard's method to help yourself please? How much has it helped you?

    My email addr: tu.lam@hotmail.com.

    Thanks very much.

  • Thanks so much for sharing this. I have added his newsletter to my E-mail and look forward to reading all that he has to say. :)

  • Way to go!

  • Wish I could be there! But not possible.

  • I'll think about you then!

  • I do not read anything that says "recovered from PD" because I do not believe. At the same time I know exercise and chanting meditation alleviate my symptoms. Yesterday I resumed my PD exercise class and slept like a rock last night. Keep us posted how it works for you . Thanks :)

  • You use the words believe and know. To know do you have to believe? or To believe do you have to know? I'm glad that you got some sleep, what a relief a little restorative sleep can be.

  • I have FAITH that I will find a cure. I know I don't know a lot but I believe in the rational process and hard evidence. I am dubious about all cures, unless they make sense to me. Nevertheless I have faith that all things are possible including a cure.

  • Faith is very good, hope helps too. Bless you!

  • Part of recovery is believing you will...if you dont you wont! Sub concious is very strong weapon..try affirmations..

  • Positively spot on!

  • Since Sept. of this year I started sinement. I have been issue free since starting! I'm at a point I keep thinking my problems were not parkinson's related, while walking I took small steps, bent over, left arm not moving. Now everything is working. Anyone have this happen?

  • I started taking sinemet just over a year ago and what a difference it has made !

    I could barely move my arms, i shuffled like an old woman, I can now walk properly and write/type again. I'll never be 100% but I certainly have improved !

  • That's great to hear! My issue now is my mind, it just can't keep up and processes things very odd. I can not take pressure and at one time was a deep thinker.. going to a store is a chore for me now!

  • I recognize those problems. Is this the sort of thing you mean doggie?

    "Many people with Parkinson’s are surprised to find that they feel distracted or disorganized, or have difficulty planning and carrying through tasks. It may be harder to focus in situations that divide their attention, like a group conversation. When facing a task or situation on their own, a person with PD may feel overwhelmed by having to make choices. They may also have difficulty remembering information, or have trouble finding the right words when speaking. For some people these changes are merely annoying, for others they interfere with work or with managing household affairs.

    To some degree, cognitive impairment affects most people with Parkinson’s. The same brain changes that lead to motor symptoms can also result in slowness in memory and thinking. Stress, medication, and depression can also contribute to these changes. "


  • thanks for the feedback. The link was interesting also. I'm glad there is a method to share issues and see no one item is a cure for everyone. Again Thank You!

  • Thanks for the information, HIkoi, very well put, but I sincererly believe that this cognitive decline can be slowed, stopped and, in some cases, reversed with exercise, meditation, nutritional support, QiGong, yoga, Taichi and corrective therapy.Do you agree?...

  • I think it can be kept at bay to some extent, reversal is another matter. I am an evidence based person and do believe in the scientific method but not just quantitative research. I also think qualitative research is valid. I am also aware of the placebo effect which is often significant. So if you show me evidence of what you write i take it seriously. I dont yet know any evidence that shows reversal of cognitive impairment but plenty that shows why and how we have these difficulties in Parkinsons.

    I commend your emphasis on Self care. it is vital and includes attending to our emotional psychological and spiritual wellbeing as well as physical.

  • Which scientific method do you have faith in? Which healing art? We are all so unique, as an acupuncturist I diagnosed and helped quite a few patients who had no support or relief from Western medicine. In some cases the placebo effect might be enough. Is that demonstrating the bodies ability to heal itself or a statistical anomoly? i like the way you think! Thank you Hikoi

  • Oh goodness i have to think here! Healing is a science and an art.

    Western medicine is very much in the science focus. i wonder how much influence a litigation culture has pushed that to its extreme?

    Alternative healing methods are more an art focus.

    As to placebo, it shows me the power of the mind to influence what we experience, notice and observe. It doesnt of itself lead to healing, but it could. it is too widespread to be an anomaly.

    And you DPP which method of healing do you have faith in?

  • I sometimes feel this very same way. And as Hikoi's paragraphs say very well, stress, medication and depression accelerate the progression of the disease. Tell you what, sometimes I can't do anything at all, but I sit peacefully and i know i'll feel better soon. Not serendipity, just practicality. Sometimes I feel good enough to do QiGong, which makes me feel better, so I ride my bike which makes me feel better still. Then I paly chess and ...etc I gonna give up stress, depression and hopefully medication.

  • The problem is that you will soon need to increasse your dosage to accomplish the same result. I started on one half of a sinemet 4-5 years ago with similiar results now I'm titrating down from 9 a day to 7 a day. It doesn't protect your neuronal structures. Exercise, diet and meditation does, not medications. There is no magic silver bullet that kills this monster, You have to put in the work and the time to get results. I started the program a month or so ago, I feel better every day and I know it is a long road back to Health. Good luck with whatever you end up doing...You should at least read Howard's Posts on his site. It's freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  • Nicet to know theres someone following the same route as myself! Im fed up with people telling me to take poisonous medicines. Well have to encourage each other..trying to cut out sugary stuff its hard!

  • Hilary: I have no problem eating the less sugary stuff, For example instead of eating Haagen Daz ice cream which produces a lot of phlegm, I eat organic coconut milk ice cream in tiny quantities. 3-4 bites max. The only sugar I eat now is in my jams, apricot or raspberry, with my almond butter covered rice cakes in the mornings. You know what you're doing, I've read your posts, just believe in yourself and if you eat some dessert, enjoy it to the max..The next day eat something really healthy. Keep up the good work, girl! Remember when all you want to do is what is good for you, you have it made. We need to be positive, without worry, eat what is easiest to digest and work on ourselves all day. Check out this guy...http://on.ted.com/Achor:

  • Its hard work! its when my partner brings tempting thingsin andsits on the sofa next to me eating chocolate etc I eat rhapsodie de france jams - in small amounts! its mae with grape juice.,for sugar i use perfect sweet-xylotol- does not affect our glucose levels;

    coconut is high in cholesterol! i try to keep off ice cream as its all fat and sugar! I try to stick to fruit like apples

    dairy products and gluten is really a no no as well!-we need to keep our digestion as perfect as we can.im not perfect though-but good at telling others what to do!

  • My cholesterol is so low it's dangerous, (smiling) . I actually eat raw organic coconut butter by the spoonful. I agree about digestion. I was a vegetarian for about 18 years in my "youth". I don't crave sugar but I do eat some every now and then. The Jams sound good though! Rhapsody in Paradise. You're not perfect? Yet!

  • lucky you! ae with wet weather- im bad today ; My mother as vegetarian in a loose sense of the word so have never eaten much meat-I was brought up on frozen foods and home made cakes and desserts! jam is good;

    im trying to keep all things natural;went tto natural beautician who made me up but l like blonde hair and have to use peroxide as no natural hair lightener., so not perfect!

  • Do you believe in supplements> I take quite few. CoQ10, alpha lipoic acid etc...

    As compromised immune systems we need to keep our environment as clean as possible. Sorry to hear you've had it rough recently. I'll pray for your best interests to

    overcome...Have you heard of a fruit company in france called st balfour's. I just got an advert for their jarred fruits, looks good. Keep up the fight! let's master mister Parker..

  • yes- i probably take too many but give them a rest from time to time;

    for pd -1000 gm vit C and zinc sulphate,coenzyme Q10 60 mg

    for heart- homocysteine formula, omega 3 krilll oil , mexican red yeast rice-natural statin sometimes if diet bad!

    general multi vit/imineral

    for stress- magnesium,camomile tea and a french herbal formula-occasional

    Am interested in how much alpha lipoic acid to take?

    I also intend to take 15 drops of gemmotherapy ginkgogem and figuier for brain! its between homeopathy and herbalism -takes young stems or roo

    ts from plants - where the strength is.

  • Sounds good! I am familiar with Gemmotherapy. I use Seroyal out of Canada. I would rather use a more private method of communicating so my email is jmc9696@gmail.com

  • Why are dairy product bad for people with PD?

  • Very interesting! I'd like to know how you progress. Meanwhile I intend to hit the bricks hard and work on my voice exercises.

  • I'll keep you posted! Meanwhile keep up the voice work! I sought out a classical singer to teach me to express my inner Opera Star.

  • LOL!! An opera star and a poet. Good for you! :-)

  • Yes I sing in my car as loud as I can, my own lyrics. I love to see other drivers stare at me, when a cop pulls next to me I shut up though. smiling at you...

  • i sing in a choir but have neve rhad professsional voice training

    it is a goo d thought hatit cna elpsu alogn oru way adn hte singignis great



    LO jILL


  • Dear Jill: You are so right! Never give up it's never too late... I know you feel lousy most of the time, but YOU do things that enhance your life. I try to have fun even when the blue devils are banging their drums all in my head. I wish you luck, you carry your burden with dignity. I will meditate and pray for you to get better. Please stay POSITIVE, it is the only life affirming response we can have. Bless you, I say what i say out of respect...

  • I went to Howard's workshop in Seattle the beginning of December 2012. It was amazing. My best advice is: check out Howard's web site, find when he will be giving a workshop near you, and spend the $100.00 to attend his workshop, obtain his manual, have a healthy lunch, and learn how to get rid of PD. Howard showed us his medical records from his neurologist proving that he had PD; and now he does not have a single symptom. He provided a well illustrated manual showing how to do the exercises along with other important info. At lease three people are totally cured of PD from utilizing Howard's Qigong exercises and diet. For some people it took 7 months of hard work; for others it has taken a little over a year. Heck, it is worth suffering for 7 months to get rid of this beast we call PD that would otherwise be with us 'til our dying day. My problem is I do not have the incentive "yet" to work hard enough to be cured. But, I will get there. Keep in touch on your progress. Howard was an attorney, and is not interested in making more money. He would just like to break even on his expenses as he helps others to defeat PD. Someone mentioned above that they never read any article that says "cured from PD." Poor person will have PD for ever while everyone else gets cured. Never could understand why people reject knowledge. Knowledge is the most important thing a human can have, and usually costs the least.

  • I, too have met Mr Shifke, and I was very impressed with his compassionate nature and his desire to help me and others recover without profitting personally. My neurologist might learn something there. Thanks Magic!

  • Max , knowing how often people write on forums about being misdiagnosed the sceptic in me has to ask if Howards medical records included a DAT scan?

  • And if it did? I don't think that is conclusive either or would it be enough for your inner skeptic?

  • Although the scan has only recently become available in the USA DaTscan has been available in Europe since 2000 and has been used in over 300,000 patients in 32 countries. It isn't 100% reliable but i think that it likely shows false negatives rather than false positives. So yes a positive DAT scan would be significant to me and even more so if a followup scan was negative. Personally It would be more convincing than hearing a healing testimony from Howard.

  • I do not think Howard had a DAT scan, but then how many of us have had one? On Howard's web site: fightingparkinsonsdrugfree.com you can e-mail your questions to him and he will reply free of charge. I do know that he has no detectable symptom of PD. Is that a cure (or at least something you could live with as opposed to how you feel now)?

  • Thanks MagicMax

    I may followup as you suggest. I have watched a video and visited his site and he seems a good guy. I will watch the progress of people here with interest. As to being cured I think no symptoms is good enough!

    PS i had a DAT scan over 4 years ago, my neuro sent me as routine, i feel very fortunate.

  • I came across Howard's site a while ago, and I emailed him a few times with questions. He very kindly replied with some really useful answers, and with more offers of help if I needed it. He seems like a really amazing guy and very genuine. I'd like to try his regime one day soon, but at the moment I don't have time to fully commit to it due to stressful family issues. But his website inspired me at least to re-start my tai chi at home, and it's very calming for symptoms and mind, and really helps me to sleep.

    Could it be that rebalancing our energies has a real effect on PD? Or is any effect due to the relaxation that these exercises promote? (Being that PD symptoms tend to reduce with less stress).

    I'm very interested to hear about people who are following Howard's programme. If you're doing it, how are you doing now?

  • Put Howard into the search box and you will find a number of threads.

  • Thank you, I will do.

  • Hello,

    Just a note. I recently had a coaching session with Howard and what a nice man he is! This was just a few days ago but I have already started putting one of his things in place. ( clearing Liver wind

    ). I hope to continue working with him and will keep everyone posted! As a side note, I am new here and an not on any meds at all and dont plan on going any. I am 48 and this is all very recent for me-- escalated after a traumatic car accident in Sept. 2013. My main issue is with balance, walking , and rigidity in my legs. I used to be an avid walker and i miss it so! In fact, when I went to get my settlement check from my lawyer, i was walking on the streets of downtown chicago like a champ! I felt " normal" and was so excited.... ( this was sept 2014) and then for whatever reason... I started going downhill. Doesnt make too much sense bc it keeps shifting and changing. I appreciate reading everyone's stories here and tx for reading this. Cheers, Kattalina from a burb of Chicago

  • As one with pd I thank you for giving me hope.

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