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Carrying on with Art with PD?


This is my husbands latest project. All his own drawings which he loves doing, now adding colour. Making a slide show took some doing. It’s like meditation for him and is very absorbing.

He’s managed to do this all whilst looking after me as well, I’ve just had a second total knee replacement!

He s still doing Wrigas broccoli tea, Red light therapy and now 6 years with PD manages to have some reasonably good days.

Our son a musician wrote the music.

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Very enjoyable art and I love the music too. It’s soothing in a way.

Zella23 in reply to Cons10s

We love his music too! It just seemed to fit to the drawings.

I love this piece...the drawings and the music are wonderful.

Zella23 in reply to KERRINGTON

Thanks. He’s rediscovered the drawing he has dabbled in on and off for years! Tremor stops when drawing, and completely absorbs him

KERRINGTON in reply to Zella23

The entire piece reminds me of the Jacqueline Lawson card website. Your husband and son's work is of that caliber. She has cards on her site that include delicate drawings. Are you familiar with the site ?

Zella23 in reply to KERRINGTON

Yes we do know of them and really like their cards and music! My husband is planning on making a few of these videos as he has lots of drawings who knows where it will lead. Thanks for your kind comments.

Smokeypurple in reply to Zella23

I'm so pleased the drawing is going from strength to strength. A lovely interlude in my Sunday morning!Reminds me of the fascinating intriguing detailed drawings by Chris Riddell. I agree - who knows?!

Zella23 in reply to Smokeypurple

Thanks for your kind words. He’s working on more videos too, and as you say who knows what else?

HekateMoon in reply to Zella23

Beautiful combination. My crafting is also working for me. The music is lovely!cN u share more info on light therapy please? Thanks

Zella23 in reply to HekateMoon

Thanks I m glad crafting is working for you. Total immersion into this artistic outlet is truly helpful in anybody, but with PD I think it allows you to escape into another place.Here is another post I did a while back which discusses the red light hat. If you put either that or Redlight coronet in the search there is a lot of information on it.


Thanks 🙏

Zella, thank you for sharing that: it was so calming - lovely to watch and listen to.

What a lovely thing to say. My husband finds it so too!

Molto bello Zella, grazie a voi. Questa opera d’arte mi ha trasmesso delle ottime sensazioni. Gio

Thanks Gio, so very kind.

Lovely art and music - you have very talented family!

Zella23 in reply to faridaro

Many thanks for your kind words.

Wow! That's so beautiful, I'm going to watch it again. What a talented family you have :) May you have a speedy recovery from your surgery.

Zella23 in reply to BootsOn

Thank you at the moment I feel like my body has been hit by a truck!

Beautiful Thanks for sharing

Zella23 in reply to Smittybear7

My pleasure!

Thanks for sharing. So mellow!

Thank you so much.

That was so enjoyable! The music was awesome as well! Thanks for brightening my day!

Zella23 in reply to PalmSprings

Thanks for your kind words glad it’s brightened up your day!

Thank you so much for posting the slideshow;your husband’s art work is very inspiring. The music is wonderful: what a talented bunch in your family!

Zella23 in reply to Patienan

Many thanks for your lovely feedback! It’s lovely to hear.

Lovely ! My husband too is an artist - and continues creating - it's so important. (And also diagnosed 6 years ago - )

Similarities there then between our husbands! Thanks for your comments. It gives him such an interest and escape from PD.

Very cool! I like!!

Zella23 in reply to Oceanwind

Thanks 🙏

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