mpore new s on my "other health problem MORE news on my "other health problem"


i saw the oncologist on FRIDAY LAST and altbough the cancer bas gone i am to have 15 sessions fo radiotherapy and be on tamoxifen for life (belt and braces job by the medical profession)

so good news altno i am not lookgin fwd to the radioth but itwill be finshe dby mid to end of Feb so then i can get on wiht my life

lol JILL


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  • Hi Jill

    Positive Mental Attitude , as Andy would say and that is one thing that is your forte. We will have to have a party when you are fit enough to dance on the table!! Keep in touch,

    Lol Sue


  • We will all dance on the table with you.

    keep positive and best wishes.

  • yeah

    a party wpuldb good

    lol JIll


  • good news all round then jill -

    take care my love

    sha xxxx

  • hi...i too am going thru radiation...abt. halfway thru 30 treatments,(which do not hurt and take only a few mins in my case)and then tamox. for 5 yrs. You will be fine!

  • hi doodles 4

    thanks for yhour reply

    i gather they cbn targe tthe radiatiohn better nwo

    and i shoudl be oik on the tamoxifen a si have been qthro the menopause

    i am 66 nearly 67

    lol JIll


  • hey we are thesame age - i amm 66 and will be 67 in july !!

  • That's wonderful news! Cancer is gone :-) the radiation and Tamoxifen are your insurance policy. :-) keep that positive attitude.

    Hugs, Terri

  • hah! I'm the elder! Just turned 68....

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