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Keep it light, right?

I stumble, I fall

and sometimes I can’t tell you all

That happens

when systems fail

In my valley so dark,

not pretty, I know ….

I know…

So, keep it light as you go

Real but light

No fishing for bummers, please

But that’s the Disease

It’s too heavy for me

You see

I’m Mmmm, just, never at ease.

I squirm and I Squiver,

As I try to deliver

a coherent account of why

I was doing what I was doing

What was I doing?

I think, therefore, I was, a human doing,

giving this light bulb

a real good screwing

See it begins to begin

to hiss and to spark

But the light is too dim

Especially for Him

For it seems My God just can’t see in the dark.

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This bit of poetry really comes from the heart, I can almost feel your desperation/ depression in it.

You take care

my kindest regards.


Thank you Oldtyke.It is as if you hold that sad portion of m/y/ourself up to the light and it becomes less of a trap upon examination.


My feet trapped in cement

My arms locked down

My mind screaming help

This will not be me any more

Childish, self-indulgent pity

This will not be me anymore

I am stronger than that

Stronger than my burdens

Which will lift with the breeze and blow away



Illness can be a trap if we let it be.

Positive thought i find is good

This afternoon I made myself get out and walk until I was tired, but now I feel exhilerated

I refuse to ever givie in and it does make you stronger.

I wish you the best


Real positive talk is very good. I try to stay as postive as possible, which can be a challenge some days


It can be such a challenge that's for sure to stay positive. I pretend a lot. But I'm going on my seventh year in this nightmare and i just started living again. I still have pd but it doesn't have me.

Peace be with you



thank you Dena:

I appreciate your attitude. I pretend too, It's called positive projection! Smile!

Check out the question about LDN by drevy, very encouraging!


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