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Finally answers to use and understanding of Red Light Therapy?

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I have posted before about being hesitant about starting Red Light Therapy. So many questions and contradictions. A fairly new red light company has covered almost any questions about light therapy via dozens of blogs on its web site. It answers questions in a fairly simplistic scientific manner. I found it after watching a youtube blog reviewing the different red lights on found on Amazon. I found the site believable..however I have been called gullible a few times over the years. What do you think?

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I love that site. They convinced me to buy my $40 Hooga light

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Sane1 in reply to Bolt_Upright

It is a great site. Gonna take me a while to wade through all that interesting information.

I think probably that device is more of a comforter than an optimal solution for parkinson's disease. It may well have some wellbeing benefits, but more leds, more intensity of light and better skull proximity across the skull, are used in the trials.Given the number of interventions you are trialling for a condition you may not have, it's probably hard to evaluate

I have been using a red light therapy device daily (coronet) from for over a year with no side effects and hopefully some benefits and will continue to do so. I spoke to the inventor at the beginning and since and I know that she uses it daily even though she doesn't have PD.I also recently ordered a therapad which allows you to wrap it around the place in need as my wife has osteoarthritis in her knee but also especially in her hands with one finger being excruciatingly painful on occasion and she is unable to bend it. After only two sessions with the therapad the pain receded and she could bend her finger. Now for the knee!

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Sane1 in reply to PDbeater

It is wonderful that red light therapy has helped your wife with her arthritis. I hope it continues to do so .

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taichigal in reply to PDbeater

Do you have the Coronet or the Coronet Duo? Have you seen any improvements in your condition? I just purchased the Coronet Duo for my hwp and am hoping it helps him.

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PDbeater in reply to taichigal

I have the coronet duo which has 40 LED’s. I use it daily (2 consecutive cycles of 12 minutes each - one infrared and one near-IR. I understand that twice a day would be better. I can’t say specifically that it has made a difference although I believe that it has. I also feel that it has a calming / meditative effect and I will definitely continue using it. One way to assess if it is beneficial would be to trial it for a period and then stop and then restart.

It is meant to be used daily rather than infrequently as the benefits don’t accumulate.

I thought it interesting that the inventor who doesn’t have PD, uses the coronet daily.

I’ll be interested to hear how your husband gets on.

I have also been using the coronet red light helmet from well red for about a month now. I don’t know if it’s helping my PD as much as it has made a tremendous improvement on my sore knee. I will continue to use it as beneficial effects should accrue over time.

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Sane1 in reply to 134A

Thanks for sharing your experience. There seems to be a lot of anecdotal reference to it helping extremity pain.

i would look for independant unaffiliated corroboration....kind of like taking a used car to your own mechanic before you take the word of the car salesman....hang tough.

The post is similar to Ari Whitten's book, Red Light Therapy. For the average neurotic nerd, more data is better than less data so I recommend reading the book. In the past I'd finish a book then mail it to friends in our blogosphere. The book would go through dozens of hands before being lost to the ether. I guess these days nobody reads books anymore. I'm not complaining; Because of the Parkinson' s tremor I can't hold a book still enough to read and have to use a laptop. I really miss sitting in a comfy chair with a good book.

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