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Have you Impulsive Compulsive Behaviour? Do you know anyone who has this? Do you know anyone on Mirapex or Requip. Promipexal or Ropinirole?

I hope you will trust me with your life, if we by sharing our tales of woe about these sad meds we have to take, it could help the Pd people following up in our footsteps, be brave, share your stories, we don't need names, we are all in the same boat, I think it's called the Titanic.

I know this is all a bit odd, but I have to own up I witnessed my brother Barney. Go down hill due to Parkinson's disease (Pd). We both got Pd within a year of each other. 1999, Barney was 57, I was 44 thinking back which I'm thankful I can, because you know if you had Impulsive Compulsive Behaviour (ICB)? Thinking back is not easy, Your brain has a cocktail of Pd drugs, and at that time anti-depressants. and sleeping tablets, it's no wonder we walk funny, infact it's a wonder we can walk at all. My brother had all of the ICB traits, he was completely taken over by ICB, because he was a boxer,gambler some of his odd behaviour was hidden, but at that time I was hiding my own ICB, he showed brain damage in a scan. Due to fights in and out of the ring. I'm sorry to say he ended up in the madhouse, and 6 to 7 years later died at the age of 67, I'm sorry but I wil finish this tomorrow.

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I do fine with taking Ropinrole, i have swelling in the legs and ankles and feet and retention of fluid. It is extrememly uncomfortable and my legs sometimes look like I have some tropical disease like Elephantitus, instead of trim as they usually are. The fluid retention makes you feel like you look like the Michelin Tire man!! The drug also makes me sleepy...and will fall asleep sitting at my desk, computer, even in a meeting!! ARG So what can be done about this?


HI, I think you will find most Pd people suffer with poor circulation, I have been told by a skin specialist [so called ] that due to Pd the signals to my toes and lower legs, the messages to that area are weak, and the magic cure was walking and then put my feet up so the blood would run the other way, just lay down and make sure your feet are above your heart . now I don't mean for you to wrap your legs around your head, just lay down after putting some nice music on and have a bit of nice time, spoil your self, I some times think sod the tablets, Heal Thy Self, works for me, If you can, just say I'm going to beat this, and feel good, it helps alot. be positive. have a wonderful Sunday.




Sorry how much ropinirole do you take?


Three doses, three times a day. The side effect of being sleepy and falling asleep really interrupts what i want to accomplish in a day. I don't feel that I have to give up my daily life in order to battle this thing out. It is very frustrating, on top of the fluid retention. I am on five different medications for BP too and anything else, am going to start rattling. I don't think taking a lot of pills is the answer. I think when I am able to, walking, and movement as much as possible will help more, but more then that, help find a cure. Mentally I refuse to think I will end up in a wheelchair and do whatever is necessary to prevent such. The tremor in my arm is my alarm clock in the morning. Anybody got eggs that need scrambling, hand them over.


I'd never take it again being a recovering alcoholic. When I took it developed shopping and sexual addiction nausea red marks on legs that are still there. Don't take it take sinemet.


I take 22mg Requip XL first thing every morning and 1x Madopar 62.5 dissolvable pill when i wake up - and i feel absolutely fine. I have never been able to stop my tremour but it "comes and goes" all day. I have never had any significant side effects (maybe a little nausea but have never needed any other meds to counteract this). I exercise regularly and eat healthily,am not overweight and practice tai chi . I must be one of the "lucky"(?) ones who suffer minimal side effects - if i could get away with taking less , believe me, i would but have had my meds changed before and i think i'm on my best dose - we are all different after all !!


Hi, I'm a bit surprised, 22mg Requip first thing, do you mean 0.22mg, I believe if you were to take 22mg at once, you would be mad as the hatter. March hare, all of the above. I have listed the dosage chart from Requip.

The recommended starting dose for Parkinson's disease is 0.25 mg 3 times daily. Based on individual patient response, dosage should then be titrated with weekly increments as described in Table 5. After week 4, if necessary, daily dosage may be increased by 1.5 mg/day on a weekly basis up to a dose of 9 mg/day, and then by up to 3 mg/day weekly to a total dose of 24 mg/day. Doses greater than 24 mg/day have not been tested in clinical trials.

Table 5: Ascending-Dose Schedule of REQUIP (ropinirole hcl) for Parkinson's Disease

Week,1 .Dosage.Total Daily Dose

Week 1.-0.25 mg 3 times daily- 0.75 mg

Week, 2. -0.5 mg 3 times daily.---1.5 mg

Week 3.- 0.75 mg 3 times daily.-. 2.25 mg

Week 4.- 1 mg 3 times daily.-. 3 mg


Firstly , i must point out that I take Requip XL (prolonged release) pills (2x 8mg + 1x 4mg + 1x 2mg) and i take them all at once, first thing in the morning. I have been taking Requip siince 2007 and am very close to the max dose. As i've already said, i have never suffered from any significant side effects.I guess i've been "lucky" ?


I was taking three mirapex a day. Id go to Target to pick up prescriptions, and I would shop like there was no tomorrow,and put the purchases on a credit card. I would have vivid dreams, that would make me yell in my sleep.Also was falling asleep in the middle of something, with my eyes opened and talkin g crazy talk. I once told my granddaughter I had to learn how to play an instrument before my mother came home. What was the instrument? a winde up monkey wit brass cymballs! so I am down to one pill in the AM when I'm out I'll quit. I don't shop like a nut case, I quit with the night screams,no more crazy talk. Mirapex gave me two good years before I had to go on sinamet but when it was done working on my PD all the bad stuff started to happen. If I lived in Vegas I wonder if I'd have become a gamblahalic?


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