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I'm afraid to ask: Do you have a leg that always feels like you have a strained hamstring?

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I have not been diagnosed with PD. I have been diagnosed with REM Sleep Behavior Disorder. My doctor says it is pre-PD.

I'm having a hard time convincing myself I don't have PD, what with my sore left shoulder and arm ("mouse arm" dammit) and sore left leg (I am a 61 y/o man who still sits cross legged in an office chair, so there is strain on it). And the spot of seborrheic dermatitis on my eyebrow. And on the left side of my back it always feels like there is a square piece of duct tape stuck there. And I get lightheaded when I stand up.

No tremor though. No balance issues. No gait issues. No arm swing issues.

I started my Saffron today.

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Is that something like muscle spasms?

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Thanks, no. It just feels strained above and below the knee on the back of the leg. I did run around my driveway playing basketball this weekend and cut my grass (which on a 45 degree angle hill) with a push mower. Maybe this is what over 61 feels like.

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I would give it some time.It should subside if that is due to the activities you have described.Magnesium oil would also help.

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Thank you Kia17.

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Please let us know how you feel. Using foam roller can help to release the tension in muscles.

Could be sciatica - irritation of the sciatic nerve. Not a PD symptom.

Thank you park_bear. Kind of you to reply. Before I learned all about PD I just had an occasionally sore leg and shoulder but now everything means something. Thank you so much.

That is one of my worst symptoms...the hamstring feels like its been stretched to max. Why dont you ask for a DAt scan to be more sure? Theres no need to be tremor to be Pd. One therapy that helps with my leg is Bowen...

Because I don't want to know for sure. Thank you though. My leg is the same as it was 8 months ago. Just a little sore.

Speaking of saffron, watch your intake as taking too much saffron has serious side effects.

Saffron may trigger mood swings in people with bipolar disorder. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should not use saffron. Interactions. When used as a supplement, saffron may cause problems for people on blood pressure medicine or blood thinners.

Bolt. Have you ever considered that your worrying and introspection might actually hasten the onset of PD?

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He hadn't considered it 😂

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Lol Kevin, isn't there a saying "don't worry yourself to death?"

Thanks jeeves19. I so wish I had never Googled "fighting in my sleep". I was living my best life ever until that day. I even stood in my kitchen back in March wondering if I would ever be sad again. Well I got my answer.

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But just think... because you googled it, you can now take action. Most people don't have any clue until their condition worsens, but you get the rare opportunity to make changes before that happens.

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Thanks crimsonclover. I have a friend whose wife fights in her sleep. He has not told her of the implications. I don't know which of us is in a better situation, but I know which one of us is happier. I do appreciate the caring. I am still hoping this REM stuff was all caused by my sleep apnea, which is gone now that I have lost 65 pounds.

Just too much leg activity if you're not doing some of it during the week. Weekend Warrior Syndrome comes to mind. I'd alternate heat and cold packs and rub gently. That 45 degree hill with the lawnmower is huge if you don't keep in shape for it... Well, and after the basketball!

When you are all better, be sure to do a little basketball (short time) couple of times during the week. My 2 cents

Thank you ForViolet. You know I switched to right handed on the mouse yesterday and my right arm started getting sore. So maybe I am just old and get sore easy. I sure hope so. Thank you so much.

I am about your same age, so I hear similarities in your descriptions of your concerns. It sounds like you are doing everything you can by eating well, trying to improve your sleep and moving as much as possible. Many of your symptoms do match mine and I have been diagnosed with PD. Take care of yourself and I sure hope you don’t have PD.

Thank you PalmSprings. Not what I wanted to hear, but honest, candid, and caring. I share your hope that this is not PD and apologize to all reading this that have been diagnosed for having to hear me whining. Good luck to all of us.

Bolt,There is nothing more disturbing than a wrong indication of the case. People often do this: “You have _____, you don't have_____. " (disease ) Etc.

In fact, good doctors collect and show objective examinations of the case before communicating the diagnosis so that the patient receives the usually correct indication; which is not always easy to accept, but does not leave you with a thousand doubts.

You have to be careful to accept poor or wrong indication from doctors and people because they open the way to great upsets, endless doubts and thousands of questions about the case. More than looking for answers to these questions I would resolve the wrong indication received which is the source of the doubts and thousand question than often they arise spontaneously in the mind.

Imho the first period of OP could be an example, by finding the correct indication all question will cease and you will be happy again.

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Thank you GioCas. What does OP mean please?

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Sorry ,In my mind …original post … Your post. 🤗

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“I have not been diagnosed with PD. I have been diagnosed with REM Sleep Behavior Disorder. My doctor says it is pre-PD.”

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Thank you GioCas. Much appreciated.

Bolt - you’ve just described what I have!But rather than a bit of duct tape I describe it as a piece of A 4 paper but you’ve nailed it duct tape would feel like that just mine is quite large and very rectangular

What is it?

I don't know, but when I told my GP he said a lot of people feel that on their back. I don't know if he is right, but I am going to hang onto that thought :)

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