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Does anyone else have eyelid tremors? And what do you do to stop them?

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I have not yet been to a doctor, but I "know" I have PD from my various symptoms which started 7 to 9 months ago. My eyelid tremors have been getting worse.

Does anyone else experience eyelid tremors?

What do you do to stop it or lessen the frequency?


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Self diagnoses is never really a good idea. Oh we all do it , but to rely completely on your own opinion is a little odd, even if you are a doctor.

I have not heard before of anyone complaining about Eyelid tremors being a symptom of Parkinsons. Having said that I am sure someone will contradict me. There are so many things that look like PD that I would strongly suggest that you get a Doctors / Neurologists opinion.

And there are many things that cause eyelid tremor. What are your other PD symptoms ?

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i very much appreciate your reply -- however it contradicts this article that you are welcome to review and comment on -- again thanks for your input!

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Hi, yes my hubby’s eyelids flicker. They have done for many years. I guess that is a tremor. He doesn’t do anything in particular for it.

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thank you very much

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I have a hard time sometimes opening my eyes all the way up and when I look at something like a sentence the words jump up and down till my eyes cage (military term for locking on).

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thank you and i hope you are doing better!

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I have been diagnosed with PD, for a number of years now, and my ophthalmologist has NOTICED, signs of PD, including tremors, and diplopia with my vision tests!

thank you very much and stay strong!

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Yes i have PD and an eye tremor in left eye only and only first thing in the morning when im at my worst until madopar kicks in :)

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one more thing -- when you say you have an eye tremor 'in' your eye... do you mean your 'eye' or your 'eyelid'? ... my problem are my left and right eyelids tremor... thanks for your reply

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JustJeff in reply to

Good question and its the eye lid rather than the eye :)

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same as me.... pretty damn annoying since mine is intermittent ... both eyelids... all day... very weird... may i ask how long you've been diagnosed with PD?

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Diagnosed 2 years ago but had symptoms for longer i think something like 6 doctors told me i didn't have PD and then eventually a PD consultant told me i did.

thank you for your response... i'm still very early with my PD (have not been to a doctor).. Can you please tell me how far 'in' to your PD before you got your eye tremor? thanks and stay strong!

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My eyelids will start twitching whenever I take certain kinds vitamin B supplements (thiamine, B12 or B-complex). As soon as I stop, the problem goes away.

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its called blepharospasms botox works. hang tough.

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sometimes used toward pd diagnosis confirmation my cousin has them and i nd my uncle and grndfather ...suggests early onset but not definitive. hang tough.

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