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Need help finding Dr. Costantini's Thiamine HDT Video Recommendations: PUSH TEST...?


My dad is getting ready to start Dr. Costantini's High Dose Thiamine Protocol (Parkinson's Disease PD) and we need to shoot a "before" video. I cannot seem to locate the list of things we need to record in the video, in particular HOW TO DO THE "PUSH TEST". Thank you in advance!


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1. Read page, About, open links.,

2. On Files page, open B1 FAQ document.

3. On Files page, download First Appointment document, answer and submit.

Thank you RoyProp. I will do this. My father has been on HDT for a week now.

On File list of documents, From Doc Costantini - protocal:

" A normal person, received the pull back stays either steady or takes one single step back to avoid falling.

However, if a patient with PD is pulled strongly backwards him/her will take two or three steps before recovering, or requires support to avoid falling back. This symptom is improved only with the use of the high dose thiamine protocol as we have never observed its improvement with other treatments. Usually, we obtain the normalization of the performance of the pull test within a month from the beginning of the therapy, in rare cases it is necessary to adjust the dosage and for this reason it may take up to three months in total to appreciate the improvements of the pull test.

The correct high dose thiamine therapy reduces greatly the symptoms. What remains (particularly the tremor is especially tough and resists to most of the therapies) is responds readily to the use of L-dopa"

My husband did a video on my dad doing this pull back/push test and he had to catch him. He's been on HDT for 1 week now.


Here is a link to a page that I put together that will answer almost all questions about HDT/B-1 :

The push test video link is on the HDT/B-1 FAQ page as Q&A # 35


Thank you Art. My father has been on HDT for 1 week now. We want to do things right, so we did start out with making a video including the push/pull-back test.


Taking meticulous notes of anything out of the ordinary once started on HDT/B-1 will be helpful and taking longer videos than the short ones that Dr. Costantini required will also be more useful. It will be helpful to have your dad do more things in these videos than just walking and talking. Longer videos will make it easier for the lay person to discern any changes from the first video to the next video to the next video. Dr. C was very adept at "reading" these videos so he only needed very short videos in order to interpret them.


Heya how is the b1 going? Starting my dad on it this week and wondering if we should go right to 2g or start lower. What dose did you start with? I know it's different for everyone... Just nice to hear other experiences :)

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Here is a link to a page where people discuss dosing of B-1:

Here is a link to a page with tons of info on HDT :

Good luck!


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Thank you so much, Art! Reading other people's experiences has given me some guidance on how to get my dad started. I think because he is a smaller guy and pretty sensitive to whatever he puts on his body, we will start with 500mg and work our way up. I have a feeling that since it's been 12 years he will need more but we will go slow and steady. And now you will notice how many posts of yours I have "liked"... Ha!

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You're welcome!

It is worth noting again that some people do not tolerate B-1. It has caused rash, gastro-upset and high blood pressure in some people.

It is also worth noting that the effective dose reported from forum members is 25 mg/day ~ 4,000 mg/day with the lower dose being useful for smaller people and the larger doses being effective for larger people.


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Good to keep in mind, thanks! Fingers crossed it will work for my dad 🤞🏽

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