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mannitol e.coli and parkisons


I read more and more often that scientific research is increasingly proving that so many types of dementia are born and develop in the intestine and precisely in the impairment of the microbiota. In addition, I read in an article that I enclose below that e.coli and its interaction could play a key role in the development of diseases caused by the alpha synuclein protein. (

it will certainly be just a coincidence but my mother suffers from years of constipation and following repeated analysis of urine of high levels of e.coli. My mother recently diagnosed lewy dementia)

Another consideration that i would like to do is about Mannitol, which seems to have an important potential for parkinson's.

What does Mannitol have to do with e.coli? Mannitol as well as d-mannose is able to restore the compromised bacterial flora, and more and more often they are used to counteract e.coli in cases of cystitis or infections of e.coli in the intestine.

Could it be that the potential of mannitol is due to the work it does on the restoration of bacterial flora and specifically the alteration of e.coli?

I would like your opinion on this.

link below:

and the extract I was talking about:

Friedland and collaborators reported in 2016 in Scientific Reports that when E. coli in the intestines of rats started to produce amyloid, alpha-synuclein in the rats’ brains also congealed into the amyloid form. In their 2017 paper, Chapman and Friedland suggested that the immune system’s reaction to the amyloid in the gut might have something to do with triggering amyloid formation in the brain.

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Would using sugar cause your insulin to rise, and cause more bad microbes? Also have your heard of gcmaf bravo yogurt, it's $$ but it heals the gut.

maybe..many thx for the suggestion

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