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Alcohol, PD, and brain cell death


Don't misunderstand my question. I don't want to rehash old questions on these words. Simply, given a case of PD, does FURTHER alcohol consumption (not alcohol abuse!) in an otherwise "healthy" patient cause further brain cell damage piled on top of the dopamine, serotonin, melatonin regulating brain cell loss already suffered? If by diagnosis, we have lost as much as 80% of dopamine cells, as they say, does moderate drinking after that kill off even more?

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I can't find the study, but I've read that moderate consumption does no additional harm and may even be beneficial. I'll post a link once I find it.

If you benefit from a ketogenic diet, then alcohol is not compatible with that -and it also interferes with sleep:

Having said that in of itself it can make you feel better short term. So the odd drink perhaps at weekends is ok. I would also suggest that as alcohol metabolises in the liver as heat - if you want a good night's sleep in the hot summer that many are experiencing - avoid.

Good question!

If you believe that PD is in large part in autoimmune disease, which I do, then alcohol would be bad, if for no other reason, it ends up as sugar and so contributes to all the problems that come from ingesting sugar - which are numerous. IMHO, consuming sugar and corn syrup is the worst thing a PWP could do. I think small amounts of sugar does small amounts of damage.

I believe that most PWP eventually get to the point where their progression/health dictates that they pull out all the stops, do every single thing possible, to slow the progression.

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