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Presentation by Prof R Barker - University of Cambridge: "Can we repair the brain in PD using cell-based therapies?"

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I am delighted to announce that our next zoom session will be taking place at 7.30 pm London time on Monday, the 24th of January.

Professor Roger Barker will be talking to us about: "Is it possible to repair the brain in Parkinson's disease using cell-based therapies?"

Professor Roger Barker is a Professor of Clinical Neuroscience at the University of Cambridge and Consultant Neurologist at the Addenbrooke’s Hospital Cambridge. He is a primary investigator in the Wellcome – MRC Cambridge Stem Cell Institute and the Director of the MRC funded UKRMP Stem and Engineered cell hub. His research seeks to better define the clinical heterogeneity of two common neurodegenerative disorders, namely Parkinson’s and Huntington’s disease, and their treatment especially with experimental cell and gene-based approaches.

Please use the Eventbrite link below to register for this event:

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Looking forward to it, a very knowledgeable speaker

Thank you very much Typhoon. It is an important area of investigation and he's one of the best speakers on the topic.

Thank you for sharing, Michel.

it will be an interesting talk

Thank you very much Kia. It is definitely generating a strong interest!

I'll be there

Thank you very much MB!

Thanks Michel, I'm signed up and looking forward to it.

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Michel0220 in reply to wriga

Thank you very much Wriga.


Thanks for sharing, incredible scientist.

Mon, 24 January 2022

13:30 – 15:00 CST

What time that will be for US (Central time)?

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Michel0220 in reply to Despe

Hi Despe. I think it is 1.30pm indeed but please double check.

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Despe in reply to Michel0220

Thanks, will do.

Thanks he is the best ❤️

Thank you very much Rabilo.

looking forward to this...

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