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Low protein diet plan for PD meds

I wish someone would make a list of food and recipes, for low protein, 5 small meals daily, so meds can be absorbed quickly. I found about 4mg protein per small meal, still lets meds get by. My neurologist is so funny, he said,"drink plenty of water when you take stalevo, but don't drink too much water as to flush through to soon." ?????? And when I asked about protein, he said, eat your protein at night? All 61 gm, I take meds every 2 hrs. very hard to schedule eating in between. Will someone please come up with a diet and plan for Parkinson's medications will be most effective.

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I am amazed that you need to take P medication every 2 hours.

Usually levodopa medication is taken every 4 hours, which allows you to wait one hour after taking your first medication and at least 2 hours after eating a meal with protein you can take the next medication and in that way you can eat a normal protein meal.

Protein and levodopa get together in the gut and metabolize, which means that the levodopa does not get to the brain, where it is needed.

The safe rule is to eat no less than 1 hour after taking levodopa medication and to wait at least 2 hours after eating protein, before taking levodopa.

This enables the levedopa to be out of the gut before eating and the food to be out of the gut before taking the levodopa.

If you tell yourself that you have to eat sooner and/or take levoldopa sooner after eating then it means that you have to take a lot more levodopa than you need because a lot of it is disappearing in the gut and not getting to your brain. Very expensive and unnecessary.


I take C/l every 2 hours (sometimes I'll go for 3 but usually have wearing off that causes more issues). Eating is a huge challenge. I tend to eat small amounts of food throughout the day. I avoid protein until evening. A typical day for me starts with meds on an empty stomach, if I feel nauseous I'll eat a piece of toast or a couple crackers. Then some coffee if my stomach can take it. After my second dose of the day, I'll eat some fruit and toast, maybe cereal with a small amount of milk. Throughout the day I'll nibble fruit and raw veggies. For dinner I usually have soup, pasta, pizza, salads, tacos, etc.

I have a couple vegetarian cookbooks that I refer to when doing meal planning. But in general I just graze throughout the day until dinner when the disruption of eating protein is manageable - at least somewhat anyway.

The diet issues associated with PD and PD meds is tough to manage. I'm into my 2nd decade with it. I focus on the positive as much as possible.

Maybe we could start a post for low protein recipes or sample meal plans?


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