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I was diagnosed with PD when I was 50 years old I'm now 55 but suspect it started three years prior. I held off taking medication not because the neurologist didn't want to drug me up I just felt I didn't need it at that time. This past December I reluctantly succumbed to the inevitable Carbidopa levodopa. 25 / 100 milligrams. In my quest to get in better shape to eat more healthy and fight this debilitating disease I came across someone with PD using a natural Bean called mucuna. I have since been taking it for 3 months now; i no longer take levodopa and I'm having remarkable results. It's all new to me including my neurologist. LOL I was wondering if anybody out there has discovered mucuna purines and can share how they mix it and what they think about it?

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  • please tell which brand and how much you take

  • Nutrivitashop.com

    3/8 of a teaspoon at least 2 times a day sometimes 3 I need at least three times I just try to minimize the amount in the event of building up a resistance I don't mind bouncing off the walls when I get home but I still work

  • Thank you so much

  • 3/8 of a teaspoon? How you measure that? Is not easier 4/8 = 1/2 teaspoon?

  • What is the percentage of levadopa in it? I am trying to translate how much equals 100 mg of CL

  • It says 100% l-dopa no fillers no additives. It's pure white

  • NutriVitaShop 99.6% L-Dopa is the highest purity available on the market

  • There's a protocol that a member of this site worked out that works well for some folks. I use it. So far, so good.

    Here's the link to the post, you have to scroll down to see Silvestrov's protocol...


    Also, if you search for mucuna on this site, you'll find quite a lot of folks use it and there's more information.

  • Does mucuna help reduce tremors ?

  • Like any PD med, I think it's an individual thing. For me I think it helps a little but my tremors are mild.

  • For me it works like a charm! I take 3/8 of a teaspoon mixed with cold organic green tea or in the morning it's very effective in 8 oz cup of coffee. It'll last me roughly 4 to 5 hours similar to the Carbidopa levodopa I was taken 25 / 100 milligrams. The difference for me is the mucuna is much more effective it makes me feel almost perfect

  • Thank you I will take a look

  • Thank you very much for the post !! >>>>> Powder City : >>> an american company ??

  • Yes I take something Similar occasionally when all else fails. But I believe the source is India and concerned re heavy metal contamination. It works well .

    I searched for your drug at Nutritvita shop but could not find.

    You take no other med ?




  • Use Blackburn Distributions in the UK

  • Thanks for this

  • nutrivitashop.com/products/...

    Alistairs, NutriVita claims to have tested for heavy metals and other toxins. If in doubt, ask them to send you the Certificate of Analysis for a give Lot No. :

    "Raw Ingredient Selection: Superior supplements begin with superior raw materials. As the foundation that supports our line of quality products, our raw ingredients are independently tested for contaminants, heavy metals, pesticides and fillers."


  • Are you using it ,any good ?i live in uk recently diagnosed, not taking anything yet;only eating well and exercising

  • No I’m not using it as I’m on a very low dose of Madopar and Requip. If this increases substantially I’ll be transferring to MP

  • My advice to you would be to keep eating well and exercising and don't take anything until you truly need it! Whether it be synthetic medicine or mucuna.

  • Go back to the site and put in l-dopa it is 100% organic. The gentleman that turned me on to it has been caring for his wife for 17 years this stuff is the real deal High quality I buy 250g bag roughly $62 and it lasts me two and a half months. They have much smaller quantities if you want to try it first. I was taking CL 25 / 100 but stopped before I started taking mucuna.

  • could this be 100%. I'm taking 40% l-dopa mucuna


  • Hey Bob, I don't remember if I responded to you but I believe they claim it's 98.6% l-dopa. This is from nutrivitashop.- com. I believe powder City claims 98% extract basically the same thing I've never use theirs

  • Hi Alistair. I am now 4' weeks' clear of Madopar and patches. It's not been easy but mucanu pruriens is the way forward. I am not sure of the correct dosage for me as yet so it's still a bit experimental. Mike

  • Me too, I just put my husband f we from all med but only macuna. We are clear for 2 weeks now- he is much better. These are results;

    1. Deep sleep REM and deep sleep longer- that mean he can repair all damage while sleeping (using fit bit follow up sleep patten)

    2. Consipation gone! he can do toilet without any laxsative.

    3. Tremors stop while taking if - now adjust the dose.

    4. Episode of muscle spasm, cramps, pain and freezing in the middle of the night - zero

    5. Mood and motivation- improve dramatically. ( Rivotril-zero, all depression med -zero).

    6. Recovered and able to reduce 1 dose of macuna. No sign of need to increase dosage now addiction to.

    7. Nerve pain and bending feet - improved. ( shoulder , back, thighs)

    8 HRV value improved

    9. Stoop and posture improved. Can walk close to normal without stick.

    10. Vivid dream- zero episode.

    11. Energy level- improved and can push himself to stand up from chair.

    This is my experiments. General conclusion is I natural form of MP result in better improvement not only tremors but also mood and nerve pain in body.

    This Friday is going to be my peaceful second week that he cleared from all meds.💪☺️🌸

    Hope this info useful for all, but MP should be used very carefully if you still on prescription med.

  • Hi Yo 1ku. I found many improvements same as you. Main one being sleep. For months my Fitbit showed sleep patterns of about 2.5/ 3.00 hrs a night. It's now amazing I sleep for 7 of 8 hours every night. All dreams and nightmares are a thing of the past. Best of luck . Mike

  • Do you or have you ever used Azilect? Just wondered about potential interactions between the two.

  • I use Azelect does not seem to clash but only take the Mucuna on rare occasions. We call it magic powder.

    I really would like to take it as main treatment as Sinemet after 9 years it not dependable

    But everyone thinks not wise.

  • No only CL 25 / 100 but I don't mix them. I just take mucuna now.

  • You might want to purchase a jeweler's scale to measure the weight. I tried that same product several months ago-caused dyskinesia for me so I did not continue - and I weighed it on a scale and I think it was something like 1/16 of a teaspoon was around 40 mg. That would make 3/8 of a teaspoon 240 mg.

  • I agree I need to buy a scale

  • I have not bought a scale yet so this morning I took 3/16 instead of 3/8. Hopefully it works! Thanks again!

  • How much..what brand....how often?

  • Nutrivitashop.com. search for L - Dopa. I take 3/8 of a teaspoon twice a day and sometimes 3 times if I'm struggling at home after work.

  • Mucuna pruriens (means ichy or irritating) is a plant like a shrub which bears beans in shiny brown pods the pods are covereds wih hairs, which, if your skin touches them, wll raise a viiolent inflammatory response. In ordr to harvest the beans, people usually wear protective clothing, including goggles. The secretions include serotonin and l-dopa (a precursor of serotonin as well as of dopamine, which is probably also present in very small quantities).

    Mucuna pruriens was used to reat Parkinson's for 2-3000 years befire the present, although nothing ws known about why it was effective.l-dopa is found mainly in the husk and skin of the beans. It seems that l-dopa inhibits gemination of beans of plants that would compete with M. pruriens. Now you can purchase on the web extracts of beans with concentrations of 10-20% l-dopa. But there are no fileds where M. prurins is cultivated and harested so that the material extracts have at least a common genetic imprint.

    Doctors cannot precriibe it because they don't know what else the capsules might contain. Serotonin is a serious drug to give someobody as an accidental dose of unknown strength.

  • I used to have a GREAT memory, but 9 years of PD have taken a toll. I was completely off in what I wrote above. I re-measured this morning and the results were 1/32 (level) of a teaspoon equaled .099 gram, or 99 mg. So 1/32 tsp = 100 of the Nutrivita L-dopa, according to my measurements.

    I measured using these spoons, amazon.com/Braille-Tactile-..., and this jeweler's scale, amazon.com/Smart-Weigh-GEM2....

  • You were right unfortunately the scale doesn't lie. The 1/8 measuring spoon I have been using weighs in at roughly .36 grams which means 3/8 is roughly 1.1 grams which equals 1100 mg Ike's! Unfortunately, it's what I need for it to work and lately it's not lasting as long Ike's again!

  • Ugh! I just ordered a scale today but that is not the answer I was looking for because I took three sixteenths today instead of 3/8 and I didn't get very good results. It seems like 3/8 of a teaspoon I'm good for 4 to 7 hours. Really good much better than I ever got from CL. I've got PD about 8 years but I only went on meds last December. Thank you so much for your follow-up. It's a little scary when you have a neurologist that runs the Parkinson's Center for Columbian Presbyterian that won't be able to guide me. I guess I'll find out for sure tomorrow because I have an appointment to see him. At the moment I feel like I'm on my own with this..

  • Stevenmast you are not on ur own w this. Pls keep posting. We r here with you!

  • Thank you!

  • But clinically, I also “know that feeling” of “aloneness “.. the clinicians cannot Support nonevidence based approaches . Our affiliation is certainly that of Lone Rangers and Renegades of sorts! Ha

  • I can see you on a horse. LOL

  • Hello Stevenmast- I have my hubby taking MP and it helps with his arm tremors, concentration and quicker thoughts action time if you will.. he is not yet diagnosed with PD but has been told he has it and waiting on the Specialist apt in 2018 but yes it helps him also. I bought the Barlowes herbal elixer brand that is 650 mg capsules and 40% strength, he was taking 1 at first them increased to 2 per day , 1 only slowed the tremors 2 helped to stop them. Yes this stuff works I have done much research on it and ppl don't need to take L/C if using this and the effects of this is safer and better for a person than the actual RX drug.

    I have just now ordered a different brand in a much larger strength of 99% pure L Dopa in powder form and the dosage is 1/8 tsp to start, this is in the mail and we bought this from a site called highdoseresveratrolacai.com...

  • Best wishes to you and your husband. It sounds similar to what I'm taking and I agree with everything you are saying. Recently I have been mixing my Mucuna with 6 - 8 ounces of unsweetened almond milk with 1 Truvia in a small mason jar. shake it up really well and it tastes like a milkshake without the protein. Soon ill be sprouting Fava beans to grow in my garden this spring. They don't have nearly as much l-dopa as mp but the young beans have some and I LOVE beans! I also have a new neurologist appointment in NYC on Jan 30th with a doctor that was very involved with a mucuna study. I have a lot of questions I'm sure he will be able to answer for me. After my visit, i will share the info with you...If you're interested?

  • Hi Stevenmast. I just saw your replies concerning MP. How did your Neuro appt. go in NYC? Also, do you live in the US?

  • I wish I could tell you great but the appointment is January 30th

  • I live on Long Island New York. Are you from the US? I will send a post out after my appointment hopefully I get some good information because I've been doing mucuna all of my own. Happy New Year!

  • I'm in Indianapolis. Will be anxious to hear how your appt goes. Good luck & keep warm.

  • Interesting !!!. I have been taking Kapikachu ( Indian Mucana) from Vaidyaratnam Kerala INDIA since 2012, but max ON time I have been able to get is only 3.5 Hrs , generally average 2.5 Hrs full ON time. I take in empty stomach with plain room temperature water 1 TBS ( 7.5 Grams) in 250 ml water x 3 times, i.e. , about 40 min before breakfast, before lunch, and before dinner . It will be active / ON within 20 min of consuming, but I allow another 20 min to be on safer side, so that it reaches brain, as food in stomach also competes for dopa. If you are getting 7 Hrs ON time really great !!!. Please let me know in detail how do you take ?? .



  • Hi Ramuu, im sure the difference lies in the amount of l-dopa in what you are buying versus what I am buying. Also, the eighth of a teaspoon that I have been using weight is roughly .36 grams so 3/8 is almost 1.1gram. It is not often i go 7 hrs it's usually 4 to 6 with my morning dose always seems the best. Lately my favorite way to take it is with approximately 6 oz of unsweetened organic almond milk with one package of Truvia. I take it in a small mason jar which I shake up vigorously and it taste like a milkshake. I also have great results in 8 oz of coffee. I also take it with Organic green tea matcha that I buy from the same source. As I have mentioned before I buy my l-dopa from nutrivitashop com powdered extract. I also have an empty stomach there is one gram of protein in one cup of almond milk but it doesn't seem to hinder the l-dopa reaching my central nervous system. Good luck let me know how you make out

  • Thank you very much for your detailed reply. Nutrivita product is quite expensive !!.. Vaidyaratnam Kapikachu is USD 1.3 per 100 Grams box ( Indian Rupees 85 only ). Let me experiment with another Indian brand Organic Kapikachu which cost appx USD 3.7 for 100grams. ( Appx Indian Rupees 245 /- ).

  • I buy the 250 g bag for roughly $62 us that equates to $0.24 per gram.

  • Good luck let me know how you make out with that new brand

  • That is 3/8 of a teaspoon

  • Time for my pennyworth. It must be 6 weeks now since I went ,coldturkey on Madopar and the patches. Alistair knows me.

    The good bits now sleep like a baby for 7 hrs plus. (Now needs to alarm on to start MP meds)

    No dreams of nightmares.

    Absolutely no sign of leg cramps.

    Bad bits. Increase in night time dribbling on pillows

    Some difficulty in speech due to excess of fluid in my mouth.

    Some slowness of movement.

    I take 2 x teaspoons (100 ml ) of MP tinkture from Indigo Herbs 3 ,times daily. Please be aware I have no medical qualifications so don't copy my behaviour.

    And bear in mind I go in for extrem physical exercise which generates my own dopamine. Good luck for the new year everyone. I am off in the morning for an end of year 10 km fun run. (Mad Mike)

  • Mad Mike. I'm getting a little curious about MP. What meds were you on, for how long, and when were you diagnosed? And, if you don't mind, your age? I'm 60, dxd 14 yrs ago, been on C/L approx 8 yrs (taking 4 per day), also taking Azilect & Amantadine. Seems I've heard it's difficult to go off C/L, especially the longer you're on it?

    Thanks, laglag

  • Hi lag lag . me age 75. dxd 4yrs 25/100 madopar plus 6 mg nifedopine patch per day. Was not hard to stop. But again check with your Dr or PD nurse before undertaking any changes. Professional monitoring is better than guesswork.

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