My Experience with Wisdom Healing Qigong

My Experience with Wisdom Healing Qigong

I relate my story that it may be of service. Mingtong is pictured above.


Early this year my PD was progressing at a distressing rate. Two and a half years after diagnosis, I was up to C/L 50/200 ER* 3x/day and my left arm was twitchy, restless and uncomfortable. I was aware of Bianca Mollé’s story – complete recovery via Qigong. Exercising healthy skepticism, I did some research and found videos of a number of other PWP who had received benefit from practicing Qigong. So I signed up for a 3 week retreat in Santa Fe with Mingtong and his group.

What Happened:

Two nights before arriving at the retreat, I was awakened in the wee hours of the morning by intensely pleasurable Chi (also spelled Qi). It went on for several hours, and I was more than happy to lie there and marinate in the Chi. The Qigong prescription for healing is three hours of practice daily. I was wondering how I was going to be able to do this and that answered the question. These experiences continued early every morning for the duration of the retreat, and afterwards for a total of two months. Since then, I have to work at it to invoke the Chi and it is not as overpowering as it was, but it still feels very pleasurable. I am able to sit for 2-3 hours in practice, typically in the wee hours of the morning. When my mind gets restless and starts thinking of doing something else – I ask myself - “Why do something else? – This feels good and is healing you”.


Qigong offers a variety of different practices. Mingtong says to pick the practice that you feel most drawn to and do that. For me that was the La-Chi practice for starters. Since then I have added some more elaborate practices to increase the Chi. Anyway, La-Chi can be done over any Chakra, or any part of the body for that matter. If you want to heal another, you can visualize that person, or their ailing part, inside the energy ball. La-Chi can be done sitting, standing, or lying down. La-Chi video:


After the first week of the retreat I reduced my C/L to one 50/200 dose before bed, and over all have felt better than when I was taking 3 doses/day. My left arm has tremor sometimes, but not the restless discomfort I had experienced before. I did experiment with no C/L at all. I found that the day/night sleep reversal that had required me to use C/L in the first place was no longer happening. However, without any C/L I found my tremor became annoying. Also, upon reducing my dose I rediscovered a tendency to drag my left foot as when I was first diagnosed before starting C/L. I had to pay attention to keep my toes pointed up when I stepped. Since then this tendency has diminished. Also, in spite of the prior high dosage I had a muscle spam problem in my left arm which arose when I tried to do chin-ups. That problem has diminished also and I can do chin ups now. Other than that I have a bit of muscle stiffness, my left toes tighten up sometimes, and the ongoing dry mouth / low saliva production. I am keeping the faith and continuing the practice.

A close friend of mine was experiencing a disabling prolapse condition. During practice I visualized the affected parts tightening up and resuming their proper position, as well as sending healing energy. I did this regularly over the course of several weeks, 10-20 minutes at a time. She was quite delighted to report that what I visualized happened. I believe our close connection facilitated this healing. It not always so easy. I have another friend who is suffering from the affects of a toxic relationship. When I try to work with this I find the toxicity tends to get to me in spite of my best efforts to keep that contained within the energy ball. Moreover my efforts had no effect. So I have switched to tackling another healing project that is less forbidding, for now.

Why me?

These results are off the charts. Reduction of needed C/L dosage by 2/3 after a week of Qigong? Suddenly acquiring healing ability? I am not aware of any other such story. Did I suddenly win a cosmic lottery? Not exactly. I have suffered and overcome a number of chronic, painful, potentially disabling conditions in recent years. I have been praying, with great sincerity, for years, to be able to heal myself and others of any condition - asking for this even though the idea seemed completely outlandish and impossible. Mingtong says when you have dedication and clarity of intent, the universe will come to meet you halfway.

This is what has transpired so far - never a dull moment! Questions welcome.

Qigong with Mingtong:

For more about Qigong and Mingtong go to . All teachings are available over the internet at very reasonable prices. Retreats are pricey.

*Glossary for those unfamiliar with the acronyms:

C/L 50/200 ER – Carbidopa 50 mg, levodopa 200mg, extended release

PD – Parkinson’s disease

PWP – People with Parkinson’s

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  • This is fascinating. Please keep giving us progress reports. I've always believed in the power of thoughts. Think about having a headache and sure enough you will get one....why can't the reverse be true?

  • Thank you so much, Park_Bear, for telling us about your experience. This is invaluable since there are so many claims of healing PD through a variety of techniques, and not much report from patients.

    I was considering a stay in Santa Fe, but I have a real question here : what if, like me, one does not buy much into chakras, cosmic energy, power of thought, quantum healing etc. Would you say it would still be worth having a retreat there ? What do you think ?

    PS - The link is flawed. You just have to remove the last point for it to work ( ).

  • Thanks for your kind words, and for pointing out the error in the link, which I have now fixed.

    I would say if you are able to put the skeptical mind on hold, and entertain the possibility that Chi energy is a thing, and enter into the practices in that spirit, then it is possible to benefit. FWIW Mingtong is fond of pointing out that only 4% of the universe is known matter/energy and the rest is dark matter and dark energy and we really don't know what these things are.

  • As a skeptic, I only need to know it makes me feel better, so I followed the video and it does.

  • Glad to know that and have your viewpoint on this question.

  • park-bear,

    I have a question for you. You say that La-Chi can be practiced over any chakra. Do you personally collect the energy ball in front of your body and then move it to your head, or do you do the La-Chi hand movements directly around your head? Since PD is a brain disease, the head seems to be the correct target for the energy. Thanks.

  • I do the hand movements around my head. However, if initially I am feeling the energy mostly, say at my heart, I may start there and then move up.

    Also, until recently I was just using Chi without adding visualization. I tried adding love and light and that exacerbated my symptoms! I realized PD is a problem of waste disposal, and started using the concept of drainage on the outward motion of my hands, and symptoms reverted to my current "normal". MIngtong emphasized it is important to also be sending loving kindness, which I do on the inward motion.

    To help with the drainage visualization I use the images shown at the following link, imagining neurons transitioning from the image of the unhealthy cell to the healthy cell:

  • Many thanks for that. I probably will not use that sick cell/healthycell visualization since according to the Parkinson's Progression Markers Initiative (PPMI), I do not have the LRKK2 mutation, and thus "garbage disposal" by my neurons is presumably okay.

  • By all means do as you see fit. That said, in PD due to any cause, the cellular landscape is littered with Lewy bodies - clumps of used alpha synuclein that the body has been unable to properly recycle. So hopefully the visualization applies to all varieties of PD.

  • Good point! I hadn't thought of that.

  • Thanks for sharing. Please keep us updated on your progress. I've been practicing qi gong for a while now and recovered my sense of smell. Still waiting for impact on other symptoms.

  • Thank you for your post, park_bear. I will work with envisioning this healing ball of energy and see what happens. Twenty years ago (long before I had any PD symptoms) when I was working an extremely stressful job, I did something somewhat similar every morning on the train on my way to work. I would sit and meditate on a golden ball of light, love, and energy gently expanding inside my chest. By the time I got to work, I was very relaxed and had stored up a great deal of emotional resilience for the day. I think it was one of only a couple of things that helped me survive that job. So, why didn't I continue with the meditation? Good question.

    Please, do keep us updated on your progress.

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