Falling, Cont'd

I had surgery Monday morning to wire my elbow back together after my fall. For the first 24 hours they used a nerve block because it's such a painful surgery and that was mighty mighty creepy. It felt like I had somebody else's arm and hand attached to me. Warm but no feeling. The worst of the pain fortunately didn't last that long and I was able to quit the strong pain pills after a day and a half. The worst thing for me about those, besides feeling like a tired zombie, is constipation.

I thought perhaps I could get back to taking care of my 95 year old mother tomorrow with some help from other family but I haven't even gotten back to getting out of my pajamas yet and everything makes me tired tired tired. So I cancelled that and instead my son is going to come over and help me.

Today's advice: no matter how much fun falling over may look like, it's not! Don't do it.

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  • Sending prayers for a quick healing.

  • Thank you, Theresa!

  • I have been falling myself quite a bit lately. It seems my balance is so off. I have not broken anything yet, well maybe a few fingers, other than that I am full of bruises and am sore all over. When I fall Robert always runs over to me and says: "what are you doing" Get up off the floor"! Yeah like my falling was all planned! I know he's just worried and doesn't want to see me hurt but sometimes...

    Hope you're healing well! Try to stay upright!

  • JJ, I know it's not really funny but I did get a chuckle out of your story. Does he think you're having fun down there? I'm impressed you can get up on your own. I slammed into that floor so hard I felt like parts of me had merged with it and there was no way I could have gotten up. I was running so fast, I was airborne before I hit. Thank goodness my daughter-in-law was home and my son was on the way home from work so he could take me right to the hospital.

    I feel like a bigger idiot than usual but I have to admit it's kind of nice to have this complete break from my busy busy schedule. But there are better ways to get a break...haha, no pun intended.

  • So glad you are getting better. I fell asleep couple months ago because I got out of bed too quickly. I remember planning on walking over to the table and did do so but not consciously. I took five steps and then fell hard to the floor. Woke up hearing my husband calling my name. My blood pressure evidently was lower than normal. My doctor said in the future to have a glass of water near the bed and take a drink before getting out of the bed. I had several bruises but nothing broken. A good fall got my attention to not get dehydrated.

  • So glad you were okay. The blood pressure thing is an issue. Mine gets very low also. Plus I've learned I just have to do things consciously. Can't go on automatic because my automatic pilot apparently resigned, retired. It's an adjustment.

  • Get better soon xx

  • Thank you!

  • I will remember your advice!

  • Hope you heal well. I've had innumerable falls, with bones broken, blunt force trauma, and concussions, so I understand. It's not fun! Take care!

  • I am so sorry to hear that, ddmagee. I'm starting to think someone needs to come out with a line of bubble wrap clothes for us. Sure we'd look a little bulky but when we fell... Much safer!

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