Did this man reverse his Parkinsons through exercise? He now smiles, no longer shuffles and people say how well he looks

He struggled with his Parkinsons symptoms until he found the answer. Inspiring!

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  • Interesting! How can I possibly answer this question? All the activities he is participating in, could do what he claims. In my book I tell the story of having to give up playing golf because in my last game, I lost 5 balls in the first 3 holes and that took me 90 minutes. I could not coordinate my swing at all. Of course, the fact that I only played once a year might have had something to do with it.

  • Yes it just might John!

  • I assume that he does not use a golf cart!

  • Exercise, fun, social, competitive, outdoors. There was one study saying a competitive sport was the best kind of exercise for PD. There's another study saying outdoor physical work was better than indoor physical work. This last effect is probably the shear enjoyment of being outside, but PD patients are known to be low in vitamin D. We remember the tandem bicycle (sort of competitive and the initial discovery was an outdoor setting).

  • The last lab blood draw I had 2 years ago was critically low in vitamin D. I was diagnosed in 2011.

  • Fabulous, and inspiring.

    Go Gary!

  • Exercise reverses Parkinson's like D.B.S. reverses Parkinson's. I have PD buddies, one in particular, that could not walk the last time I saw him. He made it to the Challenge and I totally forgot that the last time I saw him he could not walk. He was looking pretty darn good.

  • What is your golf routine? Do you use a cart, walk? Practice time? Please give details. New PD from California, 76

  • Please tell me your golf routine. Cart, walk? Practice time? Golf daily? Your age? Thanks, new PDer, age 76. California

  • John, I am trying the walking program but am battling an ingrained stoop shouldered posture which is hard to overcome. Any suggestions?

  • parkinson.org/sites/default...

    Im sure you will hear to conciously focus on posture as this information advocates.


    There are exercises to help here.

  • Thanx, Hikoi, good advice and some new info. Kypohosis????

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