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Painful toes due to Parkinson’s

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On the side that is affected by Parkinson’s, I am having serious issues with my toes. They are painful, appear swollen and I don’t know what to do. I went to my GP first and had blood work done….not Gout. So I went to a foot doctor. He took X-rays and said the space between the joint had bone on bone and was why my toes hurt. He said he attributed it to Parkinson’s and arthritis secondly. Because of PD he said he would not consider surgery. He recommended Tylenol.

Has anyone have toe issues and what have you taken to help your pain.

Thank you for your kind replies.

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Yes, I have that problem, too! I mentioned it,and showed my affected foot to my doctor, where my toes have curled, and reddish on the top! I, also, get severe muscle cramps, in that foot, at times, and, if it happens when I’m walking, it can cause a fall! The Doc didn’t say much, or offer any help or solution to the problem. My takeaway was a lack of interest or support, and an apathetic attitude, by this health care professional. It doesn’t seem to help, when I try to discuss bothersome symptoms, with my doctor, so, I didn’t complain about anything that was bothering me, the last appointment I had with him. It lasted all of 10 minutes, with the Doc doing a minimal exam, and told me he’d see me next year! Actually, I get my best support from this forum, when it comes to getting advice, about living with PD symptoms, and receiving empathy and understanding, concerning daily living with PD! I realize that not all physicians are like that, where they are aloof, and seem distant, in their ‘care’ for some patients! So, I think that maybe, when they see the disability present, with some other neurodegenerative ailments, where there is no cure, such as ALS, MSA, Lewy Body Dementia, Huntington’s Disease, Alzheimer’s, etc. then, they may seem apathetic, in order to cope with the emotions involved with patients! I’m not trying to criticize, any health care professionals, but, rather, trying to imagine what it would be like to walk in their shoes, and see so many ailments, where there is no cure. Thanks to Health Unlocked/Cure Parkinson’s, I get the support and advice, I need, from fellow ‘sufferers’ of Diagnosed Parkinson’s Disease. I take Aleve for pain, because I also have arthritis.

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For toe cramps I have found that walking barefoot outdoors helps, if you can do so safely.

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Absolutely for me too. Also, there are few symptoms that might respond to massage, but in my experience, this is one of them.

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Thank you for taking time to answer my questions concerning pain in toes.. My neurologist said it was due to Parkinson’s. I wanted a second opinion and went to an ankle and foot doctor. His diagnosis was the same Parkinson’s primary and arthritis secondary. His recommendation was to take Aleve to keep the pain under control. May I suggest you look for another neurologist that is interested in the patients welfare. Good luck. And you are right, this is a wonderful website for information and support.

Are you taking Levodopa? I have painful feet and I do get some relief with each dose.

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Darcy3 in reply to Buckholt

Yes I take Rytary and it seems to help….

Just ordered these for relief with my curling toes

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Darcy3 in reply to Erniediaz1018

On a scale of 1-10, how much do they help you? Thank you for sharing.

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I've got these. They are a bit pricey but come in 4 sizes with a paper template available online so you get the right one. You also get a 30 day money back promise so it's worth a try. You can wear barefoot or over toe socks but if you're going to wear in shoes you need a big enough toe box for natural foot shape. You don't have to wear them all the time.

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Erniediaz1018 in reply to Darcy3

I’ll let you know when I get them

So arrived yesterday and started wearing right away. A bit expensive and somewhat uncomfortable at first but it relieves pain of toe curling. I like it and so far I would give It a 7

My husband has the same toe pain and arthritis in his toes too. He uses ketoprofen cream and it helps him tremendously!

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Darcy3 in reply to PDsux_10

Is it OTC or do you need a prescription? I live in Texas..

I'm in Australia and can get it without a prescription, but next time you go to your Dr ask them for a script, it really does help!

I have problem with toes curling under, etc. Look on Ebay and Amazon for toe spacers/separators. There is a great variety of styles of the silicon gel type and also there is a tube like product that you cut to length and slip over your toe to hold it straight I use a three toe style on one foot and a one toe style plus a piece of tube on the other foot. All are comfortable to wear with shoes and I have slept with the tube pieces on my toes. They are inexpensive enough to experiment with different styles. Also how are your arches? If they are weak it affects toes so check if you need arch supports as well. Good luck.

All toe style on ebay.

Hello! My mother-in-law (80) with a PD diagnosis probably 18 years ago started complaining of foot pain in just her left foot. PD seems to affect her left side more. Her foot was discolored as well. My MIL must have poor circulation as she wears socks to bed (95 degrees out last week) and has the weight of 5 covers on her. We try to keep it 77-78 in the house besides. Her hospice nurse said that she should discontinue wearing the socks and I untucked the covers at the foot end of the bed. Within a day, her foot color was much better and she reported no pain. I don't know if that would help you, but I hope it could help someone reading this board with a similar problem.

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Thank you! Yes, I had that problem with socks. I don’t wear socks in bed anymore, and, generally, just for going out, when I absolutely have to!! Untucking covers at the foot of the bed, at night, with my bare feet uncovered, seems to help, also!

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