Shoulder pain

Hi, Was just wondering if anyone experiences pain with Parkinson. I have Bradykenisis on my left side. No tremors, yet. I experience a lot of pain running down my neck and shoulder on the left side only. I have a massage once a week and that helps, a lot. I also go the gym 3 x a week to do my fast walking on the treadmill plus some of the weight machines. It seems that the exercise takes away any relief I get from the massage. I'm in a pickle!! Any thoughts??

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  • My husband was diagnosed w/PD 8 years ago. He doesn't have too many tremors yet, I have no idea if he will experience them as bad as others w PD. He does have pain with it. Shoulder, neck, leg, & hip pain. PD meds help with some of the pain, but his neck & shoulder pain & stiffness continue. He gets massages too which help temporarily. He seems to have problems with exercise too, but keeps at it anyway. Here's a link to an article on The Parkinson's Disease Foundation site you might find helpful:

  • Great article !!!!

  • Thanks ParkinsonSpouse. Excellent article.

  • You're welcome. That site is full of helpful information on PD.

  • Yes I get pain in my upper back,neck and left shoulder.It sometimes makes my chest muscles very tight and throat

  • Does anything relieve the pain?

  • Exercise defiantly and massage

  • Definitely

  • Lol!!

    I think defiantly is a better choice in this situation !!!

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  • I don't know your situation but pain and exercise go hand in hand. My meds get me to maybe 80% which is good but if I push myself I have found that Medical Cannabis helps a whole lot for pain, anxiety and sleep. I do believe that those are some of the symptoms of Parkinson's.

    Cyclobenzaprine worked real good for about 3 years.

  • I just started taking CBD oil so we'll see if that helps. Have tried Cyclobenzaprine and it does nothing. Thanks for responding.

  • Some PWP experience significant pain associated with PD. This seems to be associated PD related muscle stiffness. A hint is if the pain intensity synchronized with your levadopa schedule: lowest pain approx. 1 hour after meds, max pain when you are "off".

    Mechanical: many PWP have trouble turning over in bed. Are you cramping your left shoulder or arm by your sleeping position?

    IT MAY NOT BE PD: your description matches a classic warning sign of a cardiovascular problem.

    Good Luck with your detective work!

  • fwes, I do favor my left side for sleeping. Haven't noticed less pain when I take Sinemet but will pay better attention to my on and off times. Fortunately, I go to a cardiologist for tachycardia so I don't think it's that. Thanks for your help.

  • Hi. BG. Not all exercise is the same. You might try troubleshooting this by doing just one type of exercise - such as, the treadmill - one day. Do the weightsz the next day. Then keep track if you feel more rundown after one more than the other. If so, find another exercise to replace it.e

    I also have non-tremor dominant pd. My experience is that cycling, walking, swimming and dance feel good. They rejuvenate me - all the movement seems restorative. But when I do heavy lifting - either at the gym or in my yard -- the straining wears me out, fast.

    Wonder if that's universally true of all PWP or just those of us with one-sided rigidity/non-tremor dominant pd...

  • Hi Motal, you bring up some good points. It could be the weights and then again it could be walking on the treadmill. My balance isn't great so I struggle to keep myself upright which might be causing stress to build up in my neck and shoulder area. I certainly don't feel rejunvenated when I'm done! Time to try something else. Thanks

  • Burlingtongal

    I had these pains down my neck and shoulder for 8 years until i was diagnosed and started treatment. I have tremor dominant pd. the pain is largely resolved with levadopa carbidopa. My lower back pain has gone too. I dont have any ideas about why exercise aggravates this for you but as you get more familiar with the meds you may get better relief. I think dopamine agonists are good for muscular pain. They are controversial, some people hate them.

  • Hikoi, I don't know anything about dopamine agonists, but I will talk to my neuro about them at my next visit. Thanks for you help.

  • When my hands and arms shake a lot the muscles in arms and shoulders ache. Legs ache when muscles have to wake up from sitting too long. I take 2 Celebrex each day, without it I am miserable. I used to lift weights , (ok that was along time ago, I looked like Johnny Weissmuller) but I can not do it now and see no benefit to it at this stage. I suggest that you stay the course but drop the weights and concentrate on cardiovascular. Most weight training is a series of breaking down muscle and building it back up and it is inherently painful.

  • Gymbag, I think your right about the weights. I will explore other cardiovascular exercises besides the tread mill. Thanks

  • Amantadine has helped me with ldopa induced dyskinesia

    Which has relieved the muscle pain I was having in my left leg & foot

    Has he had an MRI ? Maybe it's not due to PD ?

    Orrrrr maybe try a muscle relaxer

    I hope this helps

  • Thanks Cbgs, You may be right about it not being PD. I will suggest an MRI at my next neuro appt.

  • For three years i had pain in my right shoulder before i was diagnosed of Parkinson with minimal tremor.

  • hermie, has it improved since you went on medication?

  • I don't know how long you have been dealing with Parkinson's but it is almost always attacks​ one side first. Because if the lack of symmetry a work out effects both sides differently, I believe that is why I get pain after working out.

  • Yes it has disappeared.

  • For my shoulder pain the pd therapist gave me completely different exercises than the previous non-pd therapists did. basically the new exercises were to swing my arms from a down position to an up position in front of me (as far as I could swing up) ten times (do three sets) . Next do then ten times with the arms swinging out the side ( as far as you can go up 90degrees from the other exercise) also three sets.

  • Try boxing. The stretching that they do helps stretch the shoulder muscles out and the rapid-firing of the punches increases strength and coordination. I have far less shoulder pain than I did before boxing. Rock Steady boxing is in a lot of different cities now. Google it to find the location.

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