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Pain in Joints since PD


Anyone notice pain in some joints on the side affected by PD? I have elbow and wrist pain on my RIGHT side since having PD which affects my right side. MRI and xray shows nothing.........I have chalked it up to PD.

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Are you taking carbidopa/levodopa?

The reason I ask is that I just posted this video which talks about people experiencing pain when their carbidopa/levodopa medications wear off.

at 6:30 into the podcast...

Darcy3 in reply to Levod

I will watch it. Thank you.

Sounds about right. I was just sitting here moaning because my meds went off and now my shoulder is killing me. Muscle spasms. I always have pain when my meds wear off.

The consensus of opinion of the multitude here in previous discussions about pain was that there most definitely is pain of several types associated with PD.

However most neurologists seem to think otherwise and advise that there is no pain. It says so in their text books . Just letting you know when you take your pain to a neuroligist and get no where , you are not alone.

Yes. I too have pain in my body moreso on affected side.

Totally agree with GymBag.

Darcy3 in reply to DEAT

I am sorry for the pain you have. I know I am not Alone or wrong in. Thinking it is PD. Thank you for your kind reply.

It is reassuring to hear that others have the same symptoms

My first symptom pre diagnosis was a frozen shoulder very painful lasted 18 months turned out to be the start of Parkinsons :(

Missy0202 in reply to JustJeff

I had 1 frozen shoulder, than a year later the other one, than a year after that PD!

Darcy3 in reply to JustJeff

Me too...then elbow and arm pain then diagnosed with PD...

If we think about this from a body mechanics perspective, in order to move, our muscles fight against the stiffness caused by PD. I feel that I continuously over exert on my left side so that it matches effort on the right, and have logged a long list of painful injuries all on the left side: torn meniscus, neuroma in my foot, shoulder pain, carpal tunnel in my wrist, tendon problems in my fingers, etc. Docs say...not related. I say, BS. Is the pain caused by PD? At the least, it is caused by coping with PD....

Darcy3 in reply to Jana86

Thank you for your kind reply. At least I know I am not alone or crazy. My neurologist says the pain isn’t from PD. I believe it is.

My husband had joint aches and muscle pain. His PD symptoms were pain and remained that way, no tremors or dyskinesia.

In Feb 2021, his NEW neuro at a reputable hospital, sent him to a psychiatrist. He was prescribed Mirtazipine, which started severe dyskinesia overnight. The doctors refuse to see any connection, did not see him for evaluation and told me that if I ‘am dissatisfied...’, i can take him to another movement disorder specialist! Which i did.

But now, he has severe pains and dyskinesia that is adding to his discomfort.

I give give massages to help manage the pain.

Sorry your husband symptoms are more severe. Life is not always easy. Hopefully with time he will recover from the medicine that caused it. This site has been so helpful to me. I have learned so much about PD from reading people’s comments. Thank you for your kind reply.

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