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Urgent advice needed

I belong to a rare phenotype of PD as described by prof. Rai chaudhri of kings college London....starts with extreme anxiety and finally extreme paraesthesias numbness of the affected leg. He says only narctics will help. Can anybody in the London area contact him to try and find out what narcotic to use.

Any fresh ideas S?..

I've deteriorated since September my dopa dose has gone up and today despite being very careful developed neck dyskinesias.

Any suggestions anybody?.

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Sent you his e mail


You need to get in touch with Margaret Gorman prof ray Chaudhuri secretary at Kch and get a copy of the clinic letter which will explain what was said in detail. Narcotics are not legal and cannot be prescribed without special permission. There is medical cannabis which is used through trials only. Again without the clinic letter or details from that clinic directly from prof no nsrcotics should be recommended.


The hospital KCH is where prof is based and only you as you saw him can ask for that information as no one else has your details


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