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Glutathione first study


I might not have even paid attention to this however on our local news they had absolutely glowing reports of Parkinsons Volunteers in this study physically doing much better. And even after discontinuation of the study for couple months the Improvement stayed with the volunteers.

Both the first and the second study are headed by the same doctor. The study tells you exactly what to do you can compound your own glutathione nasal spray. Even if you use a smaller amount it's okay. Otherwise as we well know it's going to be 10 years in the future if ever.

I bought some saline nasal spray and open up glutathione capsules and dissolved the powder in the saline solution.

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I listened to the MJF webcast on alternative meds, called complimentary, back in early 2015. On that program this study was mentioned, then I heard nothing further. Thank you for posting on it.

What BRAND of glutathione do you buy? I ask because you seem to be getting results. I am a caretaker. I have my son on NAC (500mg in morn and nite) and also on IMMUNOCAL (2X daily). His Glutathione, according to the Spectracell nutrient blood test has increased over PAST TWO YEARS from 36% (considered deficient) to 44% (considered borderline).

Would you please share the glutathione capsule brand you have chosen to buy and also I'd greatly appreciate a step by step order on getting it into the nasal spray. Thank YOU!!



It is called glutathione 500 it has 500 mg glutathione and ascorbic acid 250 mg I got it through the website I bought something called ocean nasal spray for 22.5 CC I put into it 2 capsules. Shake shake shake it designs easy

It lasted me quite a while comma I would put 3 sprays up each nostril whenever I thought of it. Is a plus my nose is not stuffy anymore.

I almost hate to say that, but I am feeling better. You could put more capsules into the little spray bottle

I hope that helps Mary


Thank you, Mary, for taking the time to answer my question. My son recently had dizziness that lasted more than a week. The Urgent Care MD prescribed him Flonase. He said my son's dizziness was caused by a virus that affected his sinuses. It's a nasal spray and has a small amount of synthetic steroid. His dizziness went away in a week. So, I have a container to nasally spray. I will buy the glutathione 500 and follow what you did. It helps my confidence to use a product someone else has used. In addition, my son has been complaining of the IMMUNOCAL and so he will be happy to substitute something else. Mil Gracias, Margarita


Parkie13, I read your post with interest but also some apprehension for you. Most likely, those glutathione capsules you are using have things in them other than the glutathione. If I remember right, what goes into the nasal cavity may circumvent the blood-brain barrier and go straight to the central nervous system. Do you know that all the ingredients in your capsules are safe to go straight into the central nervous system?

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thank u, now I will have to rethink it

I will call company on mon.


Are you still using GLUTATHIONE nasal spray "recipe" as before, or has the mixture changed - at all?


No I am not. I didn't know if it was doing any good. At the time when this post was made I bought two oral sprays. They are made by CCL and called Advanced glutathione. I used one spray back then and I just found the other one in my refrigerator so I have started using it. I think it is giving me little bit more energy. It's an expensive product. I don't know if I'm going to reorder. Making my own spray I had a thought of maybe it's not being sterile enough. Mary


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