I'm pretty new to all this, I've just joined last week. 

Hope your feeling much better today Becky. I'm in early stage of pd. I was suffering with a stiff shoulder yesterday. I continued and went to a tennis social and basically it didn't bother me. I thought or hoped this would be the case. It just shows show how powerful adrenaline is or how the body can adapt somehow. I can be quite tired but if you have something you want to do you can forget the tiredness or it goes. If this makes sense. So what I feel is keep looking for something that you will enjoy and go for it. Preferable some thing that keeping you active , using your brain in anyway possible. Also have the best diet possible. You are what you eat they say. 

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  • Yes, I believe it too. How recently were you diagnosed, Angelo?

  • June 2013

  • I've had two examples of adrenaline kicking in recently.  One when attending my once a year, 7 minute consultation with the neuro, I realised I must have dropped my carefully constructed summarised questions  on the way from the Car Park a good 10/15 minutes away. I am suffering with my hips at the moment but I went from  walking awkwardly with a stick to running hoppedy hoppedy with the stick  a good way back to the CP.  This week, casually looking at my diary at 9.50 am  and as yet unwashed, I realised that my appointment with a private physio 20 plus miles away was at 10.10 am.  From normally  hauling myself up the stairs I bounded up them etc. etc.  When I arrived the physio was running late - fortunately for me he only arrived just after me.  Makes you wonder how much you should push yourself and wouldn't it be nice to turn on the adrenaline without the precipitating panic or whatever. 

  • I agree with you too.  I haven't thought about adrenaline for a long time. 

  • Also, don't forget that endorphins are released when you exercise alongside adrenaline, serotonin and dopamine, giving you that 'feel good' factor...see link

  • Thanks for this positive feedback Angelo. It has come at a good time for me.

  • Noting that you indicate that you are at an early stage of the disease.  Recommend that you take advantage of doing LSVT BIG physical therapy.  Will slow down the rate of progression of Gait disability and develop new neuroplastic networks, networks, that will be very useful later.


  • Hi bill,

    I'm not sure I've said much about my condition . I'm told I am at early stage. As I can do most things. I gather This is the case. I do have issues ie. Left arm first sign, not swinging, speech low ,swallowing dificulty,posture poor, very slow picking up tennis swing and slow learning drills. Slower with everything  basically, So on. What is LSVT all about .Of course I'm Intersted  in anything that helps and slows down the unfurtuate  breakdown of good body mobility. Also leaning as much as possible about ones condition must be a good thing for anyone. 

  • Angel065, I miss understood about your status.  More the reason to get i volved with the LSVT BIG Physical Therapy.  It is research designed. It is focused  on three principles.  Large Movement, Powerful Movement BIG), and Calibration, awareness of movement.

    Examples can be found on YouTube.


  • No problem with misunderstood. I will diffinatly look at LSVT . I've just come to that concussion myself. As I said I've been struggling to improve my tennis with body rotation. Basically I'm not following through. Hence I've no power or very little.  I was a boxer so I should have a bit of power. So these princable make sense. Thanks for getting back so swiftly. 

  • I've just checked out LSVT on youTube  very interesting. More new exercise.  Thanks 

  • at your age look into LifeFlo products Pregnenolone, Progesterone, DHEA, Melatonin. These will get your aging hormones back to normal younger levels, they are precursors for your adrenal hormones. You will have  more energy. There are other things your Parkinson's needs to be healthy. Ask google for a list and start researching

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