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15years taking Ibuprofen, Parkinson's has plateaued!

I was diagnosed PWP way back in 1991 - at the age of 45. I was prescribed Beta blockers only for a couple of years, then a small levodopa - MADOPAR 125mg once a day. This intake is now 8 x 125mg together with Entacapone plus Pramipexole. Around 1993, I used to have lots of friends who drank quite a lot of alcohol. So I used to suffer hangovers. These became tolerable with some Ibuprofen - which also helped me sleep. Consequently I kept on with Ibuprofen, taking in child format (liquid) , a small dose of about 5 to 20 miliitres (= 100 to 400mg) when going to bed.

I am convinced that I've kept steady, with every PWP around me rapidly going downhill! I have plateaued!,

Ibuprofen is well known as an anti-inflammatory. I tell my supervising neurologist to all PWP on it. But he just says "it isn't proven"!!

I must point out that my sense of humour has remained in peak form , and I never get depressed -a positive attitude has ensured this. I don't stop - always happy with some DIY project.

Everyone around me say that I am going at 100mph.

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I also recommend ibuprofen. It is the least offensive drug one can take compared to the many other, cornucopia of drugs on the list and the side effects caused by their ingestion. A patient must make decisions, informed decisions on treatment. I read a study that shows the decreased likelihood of contracting P if one has taken ibuprofen regularly. Considering what we have to look forward to in the coming years w/ evermore severe symptoms, I ask, what is the harm? Lets not wait for ibuprofen to be "proven", let us prove it ourselves. I take one dose, 200mg, every evening after my meal.


Makes a lot of sense. If it works for you; it works // despite what the experts may say. Best to you on the plateau


Ibuprofen is very cheap to buy so if the doc won't prescribe you can always try it out, It is far cheaper than some of these so called supplements and panacea's on the market.

Long term usage (How long term, depends on the persons tolerance I suppose) but it can cause some problems. But as the Docs often say the advantages outweigh the risks. If it definately works I would take it and bugger the consequences.


Does Ibuprofen (being an anti-inflammatory) have a similar effect as LDN (Low Dose Naltrexone) and for the same reasons? This debate has been posted before and is still an interesting subject. I take one 4.5 mg LDN tablet daily.


I am delighted to finally read that someone (and reading on, several people) have discovered the benefit of Ibuprofen. I mentioned this to my neuro and he was non-commital. I think I will start taking Ibuprofen again and keep notes.



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