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Herbal Products, can we trust we get what the label says.

This study investigated whether herbal products on the north american market were contaminated. The results are worrying.

Most of the herbal products tested were of poor quality, including considerable product substitution, contamination and use of fillers.

Most (59%) of the products tested contained plant species not listed on the labels. Although we were able to authenticate almost half (48%) of the products, one-third of these also contained contaminants and or fillers not listed on the label. Product substitution occurred in 30/44 of the products tested and only 2/12 companies had products without any substitution, contamination or fillers. Some of the contaminants we found pose serious health risks to consumers.

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This only makes me think that nobody associated with health products is really interested in our helth, they are in it purely to make money. The best way we can respond to this is to STOP BUYING THEM!



Can we really be certain that Pharmaceutical drugs are not contaminated also?

Can we really trust any manufacturer now, especially if Profit is the prime motivator?

Personally, I think there are sharp practices going on in most industries not just pharmaceuticals.

Or perhaps It is just me who is cynical and have a suspicious mind.


I am worried about this emphasis on the big bad pharma because they make a profit. We shop in retail outlets that make profits, we buy things over the internet and you can bet they are not intentionally making a loss.

There are laws governing the purity and levels of active ingredients of medications obtained through big pharma. There are not the same regulations for herbal products. Pharmaceutical drugs have to go through years of testing (which adds to the price) If they are not pure, somebody can be prosecuted. If they don't work the regulators will not approve. If you buy a 'natural remedy' what safeguards are there?

There is so much emotional baggage that goes with a diagnosis of Parkinson's, some of which is due to the non motor symptoms and much of it is due to the uncertainty of the individual's progress and outcome. Please, let's not add to that by demonising certain drugs, telling people that depression should be 'fought' and that 'natural remedies' are ALWAYs best. A newly diagnosed person on this site at the moment, with low resilience and not many facts at their finger tips would be mightily confused.


When my husband was on pd meds, the pharmacist switched manufactures several,times, I inquired why this was, and found they were from other countries :-(


Did it make a big difference?


I'm lucky in that my partner is a herbalist and makes most of his own tinctures. I'm sure if you are prescribed tinctures from a reputable herbalist they will be good quality.


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