When did you start with physical therapy?

several of your postings mention PT and I am curious when and why that started as part of your Treatment. My husband was diagnosed 4 years ago at 54. He has tremors on his left side and is on Requip, Azilect and a anti-tremor med (don't remember name). We exercise regularly but am just wondering if we should be working with someone now to help prevent progression?

Any suggestions and/or info is appreciated

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  • I have MSA ,not regular Parkinson's. Those drugs don't work for me. I tried Sinemet & Mirapex. I started exercise almost immediately, all kinds, dance movement, three wheeler bike riding, yoga for Parkinson's patients, etc. I liked the bike riding the best. I have no medications now.

    It is hard to find a really good phy,therapist who will listen to you. You have to do most of the exercise yourself.

  • The 3-wheeler is an interesting thought as my husband doesn't feel stable on a regular bike. He rides the stationary bike, does some boxing and walking. He is still golfing every couple of weeks. So sounds like we just keep going with our own program until the doctor suggests it is time?

  • A good Physical Therapist can teach you strategies to maintain physcial function and to strengthen weaknesses. Balance is huge for us to prevent those dreaded falls and the ugly aftermath. I have had several courses of PT in the 10 years since my diagnosis. Some were to address specific problems but the best was a preventative program my movement disorder specialist in California sent me too.

  • Can you give more information with regard to the disorder specialits in California? I am loosing weight 180 down to 137. Weak. Haven't the strength to exercise my GSD. Thank you, Dennis

  • please tell me where in california

  • I am 54 and was diagnosed 4 1/2 years ago. Stopped working 1 1/2 years ago, went on dissability. I started seeing a new PCP. She recommended physical therapy. I started last weent. I have given in to this dreadful disease too much, and am having a lot of difficulty with the simplest of things. They asre showing me ways to do things that will help keep me stsay.mobile.

    Good luck, PT isn't easy but vet necessary.

  • Although I have had symptoms for a couple of years, I was just diagnosed 2 months ago. Am on Simemet and Mirapex, which help. Started PT immediately with a therapist who works with movement disorders (you need to ask - they aren't all familiar with the unique challenges these present and in the US training is widely variant by state). They worked immediately on balance exercises as I have fallen often, but also on coordination when moving slowly - I seem to do well when moving fast once moving fast. As I master each item I am given new things to work on and we are moving into new areas of my challenges.

    I started with 3 x per week, but will now be going 2 x per month as I have been working hard on my own and they are convinced that I will keep doing them. This is important, as what the goal is is to retrain my brain to handle these tasks and that takes lots of repetition. Good luck.

  • I was diagnosed with PD two years ago. I am in an PT program called LSVT BIG , specificity designed for PD. it is a serious commitment , 4 x a week for 4 weeks. than exercise 2 x a day on the other 3 days of the week. You can Google it or look on you tube.

    i also have found yoga helpful ,look for a small class with an instructor who will help by giving you modifications where needed.

  • Went to the web site...looks good!

    I have also found exercise to be very helpful. I have an exercise video (I do with a neighbor, very helpful to have an encourager), elliptical machine and an XBox Connect (makes it more fun).

  • Very interesting. I am going to research this further. My husband's doctor mentioned the LSVT LOUD to him but has not started any discussion for movement.


  • I had PT only when injured (torn meniscus, rotator cuff, hip adductor ?) I've been exercising regularly. When I could no longer do regular ball room dancing, I was so fortunate that my neurologist started classes for PWP's 5 years ago -- yoga, pilates, NIA, Alexander technique, water aerobics, tai chi. It's fantastic. I take 3 classes a week. It keeps me from being a shut-in. :)

  • hi pat

    you r very lucky tha t yoru neurologis has classes fo all thes ]e marvellous ways to exercise ]- i hav ehad ot give them all up apart fom tai chi ie aqua aerobics pilates keepign fit by stretchign etc

    ;love jill ;-)

  • give them up? Sounds like you're doing a lot. Hang in there, Jill!

  • There is a great book and video available. "Delay the Disease" by David Zid, a pt who designed the program for people with Parkinson's. The website is delaythedisease.com. I bought the set at one of our annual Parkinson's Symposiums. My husband does so much better when he does them.

  • Thank you - I will check these out as well!

  • Thank you all for your responses. Each of these are great input!

  • I believe anything active you can do for yourself helps physically but sometimes more importantly mentally towards your own self being!

    Get involved in a local support group and find Yoga or Yai Chi classes that will modify to your needs. Acupuncture also has help tremendously!

  • Great advise and I will continue to encourage my husband to join a group. This community is the first "joining" that we have done. He is not used to that but I believe we will need to sooner than later. It is an interesting journey.

  • I started working with a trainer right away. JUst to help me get going and motivated.We rode bikes,walked, did Yoga,stretching exercises, anything to keep moving.I also took a class of stretching at our local health club where she tauaghat . IT was called. "Silver SNeakers'and was paid for by insurance company. IT has been nine years now and the exercises have lessened as my abilities are lowering. I am so glad I have done this. I feel much better after exercising. I also take a senior swimming class. GREAT!v THe best adviced I ever got was from an edlerly lady who told me, "Take your meds and keep moving!"

  • It sounds like your theory is similar to ours. If you keep moving you Can keep moving

  • hi

    the uk Parkinson Society hads a free dvd Keeping moving which si excellent

    it is a mxtur eof stretchign and pilates exercises

    love jill

  • Thanks Jill - that sounds very interesting. I will order that as well.

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